Wildwood: Cooking from the Source in the Pacific Northwest

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Ten Speed Press
Have you ever driven to a neighboring town and found a treasure of a shop? How about trying on a new style of, say, shirts and been thrilled with the great, new feel? Or have you ever been to see a movie that was not at all what you were expecting, but elated at the conclusion, not only that was a great film but that it allowed you to learn something about yourself? Well, the same can be said about some wonderful foods that lie just beyond the horizon it is gently hidden by accident rather than by plan, hidden though, nonetheless.

Often some amazing food is discovered with no plan of being revealed. It may be an invitation to a restaurant that you have driven by a bazillion times, but, for one reason or another, just never stopped. To your surprise, the décor fits your taste as does some exciting, subtly offbeat food and refreshing menu not necessarily new but an amalgam of foods you definitely want to enjoy. Upon further exploration, you pick up the details of this new find. The sauce for the really, really good fish is seasoned just the way you would have seasoned it, if you knew how. The salad is made up of the half-dozen ingredients that sing with delight, put there as if telepathically placed from your own ideas, as if you designed that particular dish, down to the greens, dressing and garnish. The bread is, upon searching your memory, the best in recent history - or not so recent history. Dessert selections are so perfectly chosen that each compete for a place in front of you with due diligence. Suddenly, you find a new place to call home. Well, at least your belly calls it home and gladly so!

It is a treasure to hop into a little, or not so little, town and find some wonderful shop that has everything you have been in search of, but have not been able to find, even on eBay. You relish the feeling of a well-made shirt that you are most certain is made with you in mind. Warm and fuzzy you emerge from a theater after taking in a movie you were sure was not going to be the right fit for you, yet opens your eyes wide to yourself as well as the picture itself. Wildwood, Cooking from the Source in the Pacific Northwest, is just that treasure crafted around your tastes that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Cory Schreiber's volume captures all that is good with food. It quintessentially rolls great seafood preparations, over-the-top breads, elegant (not cutesy) vegetable recipes and unreal desserts into one unbelievable package. A must have for serious foodies. Schreiber knows his stuff and then some. Let him share with you some food that you may have never known existed or driven by a thousand times. It is well worth the stop.
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