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Wennström’s Four Factors of Success

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  • Wennström’s Four Factors of Success is a unique check-list for new product development and brand analysis that takes the guesswork out of food and health marketing. First used in practice in 1997, this is the first time that this practical, concise and easy-to-follow step-by-step guide has been made available in print. Intended for anyone involved in marketing, new product development, R&D or science commercialization, you can use the Four Factors to assess: What to do to create a health-enhancing brand that resonates with consumers What are the gaps in your current brand and product development strategy How to fill those gaps in a practical way What is the best communication strategy How competitor brands are likely to perform The analysis is supported by 10 detailed case studies which show the Four Factors in action. The case studies cover: Water, juices and smoothies Dairy drinks and yoghurts Soy and cereal drinks Energy drinks Dietary supplements And include the following benefit areas: Heart health, cholesterol-lowering, blood pressure Joint health and movement Bone health Digestive health Immune health 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables Energy The Appendix includes working papers so you can carry out your own Four Factors analysis on your own business. 10 reasons to buy FourFactors 1. A well-proven analysis tool 2. Simple and effective 3. A practical ‘back of an envelope’ checklist that take the guesswork out of food and health marketing 4. Helps you to see clearly how to develop a differentiated product proposition 5. Helps you reduce the risk of failure when developing a new concept or bringing new benefits to an existing brand 6. For over 10 years, tried and tested successfully by seasoned professionals in companies large and small in Europe, Asia, Africa and the US 7. Successfully applied and refined in hundreds of projects involving medical foods, functional foods, organic foods, natural foods, dietary supplements and OTC medicines 8. Illustrated with short, practical case studies, using supermarket sales data 9. A very affordable price 10. Sent to you in PDF
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    Wennström’s Four Factors of Success
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