Weber's Art of the Grill: Recipes for Outdoor Living

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Many times when we purchase a piece of cooking equipment it includes a small book of recipes. Most times these recipes are in a loose-leaf or spiral-bound format however, at times they are just tucked in between the pages of assembly or use instructions. These recipes only get read if some problem arises when putting together the apparatus. Another frequently encountered problem is that the manufacturer gives only recipes that pertain to their individual piece of equipment. Also, the maker of the product sometimes makes too many assumptions about the consumer's cooking abilities. Although it is nice to have these menu selections, the recipes can provide a perplexing task to gather everything that is needed to prepare the marinated-grilled salmon and the sautéed corn and black beans that go along with the lemon-dill olive oil emulsion recipe that came with the new blender. Which, by the way, is billed to make life easier!

Take heart, Weber Grills has changed all that! With their new book, Weber's Art of the Grill, a new standard is set that will be difficult to match. The book is jammed full of ideas and suggestions. There are great recipes with straightforward and easy-to-understand directions. Most pages have an entire meal with all the recipes included. Not all items are prepared on the grill, and it explains in detail how to time each recipe so everything is done simultaneously. For today's interest in healthy cooking, many recipes are included that emphasize both taste and nutrition. Each section focuses on a different style of entertaining, and the pictures of the table settings make it easy to create the mood you are looking for. The book gives anyone the ability to present-without a lot of fuss-an elegant and romantic meal.

This book is not just elegance and romance though. There are also a number of good, old-fashioned barbecue recipes-not just any barbecue, but Weber barbecue! Men especially seem to have a kind of love affair with grilling. Generally, no one else in the household is allowed anywhere close to the grill. It is a ritual that "men grill the steaks," as only they know how! It is a rite of passage when dad hands over the grilling fork to a son-with many instructions of course! Weber takes this relationship a step further.

Crispy Asian Duck Breasts and Soft Polenta on page 114 is a perfect example of a recipe that provides the entire meal and is elegant yet masculine enough for the man of the house to take charge of the main course. Step-by-step instructions are given for the duck, polenta, and sauce. The author even provides wine suggestions for serving.

Please be advised, if you don't already own a Weber, you may very well own one after purchasing this book! What a way to cook into the new millennium!
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