Wüsthof Grand Prix II 9-Inch Cook's Knife

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Pros: balanced, keeps an edge, great action
Cons: a bit heavy if not used to it
This is the best knife I have ever owned, although I am only an at home cook and have not owned very many.  I got it at the prompting of my cousin, a J&W post-bachelor grad and 3rd Chef for 10 years now in Savannah, GA.  Got it at a culinary supply store in Charlotte, NC.  It has lasted well.  

I am a fanatic about keeping my cutlery sharp at all times, so every night I use it I sharpen her up.  Nothing worse than getting frustrated by trying to slice a tomato with a really dull blade - this happens sometimes at my sisters house and all I can do is shake my head at her young son and try to teach him right!

This blade has seen a decent amount of cooking over the last 10 years (Is it the Grand Prix II or the original Grand Prix?).  The extra inch over the seeming standard 8" is a real benefit as you get a larger cutting length and better action when you tip into the board to dice.  8" is good, but 9" is better!

My only thing is you really need to get used to the weight and action.  I suppose this is true of an 8" blade as well, but there are all these really little muscles in your hand and forearm that get used.   Between chopping, dicing, slicing and mincing, and trying to play the guitar badly, you get some fine tuned strength.
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