The Soup Bible

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  • The most complete guide to the craft of making delicious soups, featuring hundreds of soup recipes from around the world The history of soup is as old as the history of cooking. Over the centuries, hundreds of varieties of soup have been developed, each the enunciation of a particular regional taste. Following his widely acclaimed The Hors d'Oeuvre Bible and The Sauce Bible, David Larousse brings cooking enthusiasts the most complete guide to soups ever. Featuring soups from the five continents, this lavishly illustrated guide instructs readers in the art and science of making delicious soups. Interspersed among the hundreds of recipes and descriptive entries, Larousse includes fascinating anecdotes and historical notes that enliven the presentation as much as the stunning color photographs. A total guide to soups, including clear soups, thickened soups, chilled soups, and specialty regional and ethnic soups 300 complete recipes, plus 700 descriptive entries Illustrated with 16 pages of color photographs and 25 line drawings DAVID PAUL LAROUSSE (San Francisco, California) has taught culinary arts at City College of San Francisco, Johnson & Wales University and the California Culinary Academy.
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    The Soup Bible

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  1. ckoetke
    "The Soup Bible"
    If there is one unifying factor among the many cuisine's of the world, it would perhaps be soups. Soups are part of almost every cuisine and have existed throughout history. Soups run the entire spectrum--from the opitimy of royal decadence to the watery "plat principle" of the world's poor. Each soup reflects the raw products and culinary philosophy of its regional or ethnic birthplace. Soups come in a dizzying array of variations. We all have memories of soup, whether it is the soup that mom made on that cold winter day, the tasteless one served in the school cafeteria, or the soup savored at a fine restaurant when you were celebrating a special occasion. Soup is universal.

    The Soup Bible, written by Chef David Paul Larousse, is an encyclopedic work that represents the universality of soup. It is perfect for the person passionate about soup. The book is organized as most professional works on soup are: clear soups (consommé being the most famous), thick soups (purees, creamed and bisques), and regional/international soups. There is also fascinating category of chilled soups perfect for the hot summer months. Each category tempts the reader/cook with literally hundreds of concise, easy-to-follow recipes such as: oxtail consommé, thick lentil soup Russian style, Oyster soup Cancal style, Cioppino, Turkish potato soup, and chilled truffle consommé.

    Of particular note is the section on regional and international soups. These are honest soups that have been refined throughout the centuries in the homes of everyday people (not by chefs) in different parts of the globe. These soups exhibit the most unique and surprising flavor combinations and also are sources of inspiration for the professional chef.

    David Paul Larousse is no newcomer to cookbooks as he has also authored The Professional Art of Garde Manger and The Sauce Bible. The Soup Bible is another success and most recommended as you will use it for years.


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