The Making of a Pastry Chef: Recipes and Inspiration from America's Best Pastry Chefs

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Dog-eared, coffee stained, inspiring, visually gorgeous, these are the words I would use for The Making of a Pastry Chef and you will too. This is a valuable addition to any chef's library form novice to expert.

Many Executive Chefs and Pastry Chefs often do not understand each others creative process due to their different approaches, histories and training. This book will give insight to the mind and inner workings of the Pastry Chefs' creative process while giving the Culinary Chefs wonderful formulas to build their own repertoire. Executive Pastry Chef Andrew MacLauchlan's new baking book features the commentary of formidable American pastry chefs, the history of pastry arts, baking theory and personal experience.

Opening with the history of pastry making, Andrew invites the reader into the mind of the modern pastry chef starting with the beginning of time. This is not a dry history book at all. Peppered throughout the book are formulas for signature desserts, and the basics of patisserie beginning with the origins of sweets and leaveners evolving to the high tech techniques of todays restaurants, caterers, and pastry shops.

Unbelievably Chef MacLauchlan and company share not only formulas, but lists of vital ingredients, and flavor marriages and menus. These are the little things that take years of training and experimentation to acquire and make your own.

This book is hugely generous in information. Chef MacLauchlan, it seems, realized to write a book of this stature, he would have to go to the greatest living Pastry Chefs including Dan Budd, Gale Gand, Francois Payard. No less than 32 pastry chefs and chefs are quoted in this book. They answer the questions, why did they go into Pastry Arts, what motivates them to stay, who inspired them and how long did the learning process take?

For the holidays and everyday, this book is highly recommended for anyone with a passion for pastry making. A good read and fine reference, a must for any complete culinary library.
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