The International Culinary Center - New York

The International Culinary Center
  • New York City. Here is where The International Culinary Center story began in 1984, with the founding of The French Culinary Institute, and it's where our tradition of excellence continues to this day. Our faculty and deans have spent more than 25 years creating and evolving the curricula, expanding the facilities, and building our ties to industry professionals in New York City and around the globe—all so The International Culinary Center can offer aspiring chefs a challenging and rewarding culinary education that comes with a world-class pedigree.The International Culinary Center's New York culinary school offerings span every facet of the industry, from chef training programs in culinary arts, pastry arts, bread baking, and cake design to specialized courses in wine studies and restaurant management. Amateur cooking classes give home cooks access to intensive, hands-on training taught by the same instructors who instruct our career students, and in the same modern kitchens.At The International Culinary Center, culinary immersion isn't restricted to what's taught inside the classroom. For students in career programs, extracurricular activities include watching demos with visiting chefs in the International Culinary Theater, browsing the library's extensive collection of books and periodicals, and taking a student club outing to the latest culinary hotspot.And outside the walls of the school, the city beckons. The International Culinary Center's New York culinary school is located in what is arguably the most celebrated culinary destination in the world. As students make their way through each level of their education, they have at their fingertips a vibrant food scene, with access to international cuisines, four-star restaurants, and trend-setting chefs just a short walk or subway ride away.

Recent User Reviews

  1. chef-nicholas
    "Overall i enjoyed working with all the chef instructors from all over the world"
    Purchase Date:
    Sep 22, 2013
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Great Chef Instructors
    Cons - Not a very long school for paying 35k
    Overall i love what this school has done for me and my 10 years working in professional kitchens, i am now a chef and am so greatful for everything that has lead up to this point.


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