The Art of French Pastry by Jacquy Pfeiffer

Alfred A. Knopf
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    Nov 1, 2016
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    Pros - Detailed, accurate, tested, metric weight measurements, practical
    Cons - Needs a few more chocolate recipes
    This is a great book written by a very passionate pastry chef. In many ways, a home cook might never need anything more. There are recipes for all seasons and Jacquay covers the details completely. If you've never made puff pastry or croissant dough, he walks you through every step, tells you what to look for, and what not to do. There are so many poorly written pastry books that its almost a waste of time buying them unless you want a nice collection of pictures. This is a book to be used. Its not a list of dream recipes that no one will every hope to make and couldn't because they were never tested. These are tried and true recipes that do not disappoint.

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