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  1. cheftorres87
    "It's what you make of it."
    Pros - Networking, Demo's, Competitions, experienced teachers
    Cons - Some teachers were bad, in depth cuisines not covered, cost a lot, and bad publicity
    First I should say that I went here in 2010 and dropped out in 2013.

    I fell in love with Japanese Cuisine and after staging at a Japanese restaurant for free for one day, I learned everything I was taught was wrong, which made sense since it was a force fed curriculum that hadn't been updated and was a 1 hour lecture on Japanese cuisine, followed by 4 hours of cooking/cleaning/grading.

    The school itself is great, two kitchens, one upstairs, one down stairs, and an in school restaurant. Kitchens are clean, the ingredients are all great, the walk in is a chef's dream.

    The chefs, some are great, amazing even, a lot of them teach part time or taught at Le Cordon Bleu down the street. I even worked for one who helped me out so much. 

    That being said, there were some who I felt, after actual experience in the industry, were not qualified to teach. A few of the chefs thought the curriculum needed updating, and a few of them made real effort to teach us modern things in the world around us. I liked that.

    The classes. The classes are good, but it covers the basics and a few things extra, they are on a time frame, and most students won't ask questions that prove to be vital, so you lose a little there, that being said basics could learn staging or watching videos on youtube about culinary basics. That being said, the feedback you get from experienced chefs, the people they bring in as guest are almost invaluable!

    The students. This is the big part, looking back I wish I would have worked harder, asked more questions, and participated in competitions and after school activities more. There is a lot of opportunity to succeed and network that a lot of people didn't take advantage of. Many of my classmates helped me get jobs and opportunities where they worked. This is the most essential thing.

    Location. You are extremely close the culinary world that is LA. The metro is right across the street from the school, and you are 3 stops away from all the venues in hollywood, lots of great restaurants are a $1.50 subway ride away, you can take that opportunity to stage or work there when you're not at school.

    College on the Resume, it has been my personal experience that it mattered to managers, didn't matter to chefs.
    If a manager is hiring you, they look and see culinary school as a blessing.

    If a chef is hiring a you, they want to see battle tested experience as a line cook/prep cook for years, as a culinary student they expect you to know a lot and not have stuff explained to you.

    Overall the school is good, but it all depends on how much you put into it. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
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