Takeda Aogami Super Deba - 180mm (7.1")

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  • The Takeda knives are hand made by blacksmith Shosui Takeda in Okayama, Japan. Mr. Takeda is a 3rd generation master blacksmith and each knife is carefully and painstakingly forged and tempered out of Blue Aogami Super Steel. Aogami steel is a hard carbon steel (not stainless), which holds an incredible edge, while still being easy to sharpen. Each Takeda knife is completely unique and sharp out of the box.
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    Takeda Aogami Super Deba - 180mm (7.1")
    Light, well-balanced and incredibly sharp
    100% hand forged and crafted from Blue Aogami Steel
    Ideal for fish and meat butchery.
    50 /50 Edge Carbon Steel Blade
    Beautiful Black 'kuro-uchi' finish and rosewood handles
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Recent User Reviews

  1. hpross
    "Double Sided Deba FTW"
    Purchase Date:
    Mar 1, 2013
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Work Horse, Crazy Sharp.
    Cons - Wedges easily
    I am so lucky to of been given this knife. I have used many debas before and own a few cheeper regular chisel edged ones. This deba is double edged. 

    Over time I have fallen in love with it. I works beautifully with a Konosuke HD as this knife can process hard veg, chickens and large fish with ease, leaving the kono for the light work. 

    • AS steel - need i say more? Its sharpens up a treat and gets there fast. 
    • Nice Big Handle - gives me alot of confidence and grip when im hacking through chicken bones
    • Should you need to do any other quick work and this is the knife you have out, you can do it. I have finely chopped onions (albeit with the knife wedging like no other) and made chiffonades of herbs. 
    • The Blackened sections of the knife protects the rest of the knife... im a bit of a carbon steel nut - its got to be shiny. This way i only need to work on the edge. 
    • Wedging - Being a double sided knife you might think, "hey why dont i just use this like a regular chef knife". The answer is because it doesnt work like one. it is designed to split things... so when trying to chop an onion it tends to wedge into the onion. This doesnt mean that it can't do the work... it definately can, but i am used to using a laser - so it was a bit of a leap for me. 
    • Cannot order a saya for it. I keep my knives in Sayas and knife covers. I will have one custom made, but for a knife of this price and craftsmanship i wish i could just order a standard one. though i suppose its tough to standardize something that is "custom" made. 
    • These knives were opened with a hand stone, when i switched them over to a regular bench stone there was quite a bit of work to get the edge where i wanted it - but now that it is there, i am a very happy camper. 
    I know takeda has had to ramp up his levels of production to keep up with demand. but if this product is anything to gauge by, he still has a firm grip on quality control. Shout out to Olivia at Tosho Knife Arts - great help and amazing store. 


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  1. bsmiddy
    Knowing Takeda and how he makes knives there is no standard size hence all sayas would have to be custom made. Funny thing about Japanese makers....knife makers make knives....handle makers make handles....stone guys just sell stones....you get the idea....now over the last two to three years more makers have started to manufacture handles and the sayas in house. Love the culture....they take whatever they do to the nth-degree and I don't mind paying for it.
  2. hpross
    Hey Eric,
    I bought the knife from tosho knife arts in toronto.
    I can have a custom saya made, but then i would probally have to send off my knife. it would be nice to have some sort of standard case that Takeda would manufacture or say works with thier knives. Not so much a point of complaint as a suggestion for improvement.
    atb from London,
  3. wobelix
    Recently I bought a Takeda Kiritsuke, also without a saya since the normal ones will not fit these hand made Takeda's.
    But Mark Richmond of Chefs Knives To Go wrote me that if I want to he can hook me up with a custom saya maker, if I wanted to.
    Maybe there is a way to knock of one of your con's ?
    Thanks for a helpful review !
    I love my Takeda so much, I thought I was getting carried away too much.
    I did the You Tube 'trick' of slicing a tomato paper thin without holding it. Silly, but spectacular and so much fun.
    Why did you buy the knife at Amazon ?
    I would not like to miss out on the knowledge, help and excellent service of people like Mark Richmond...
    Many greetings from snowy but sun filled Amsterdam,