Steven Raichlen, How to Grill

Steven Raichlen
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5.00 star(s)
Pros: Excellent step-by-step photos and info
Cons: Paperback binding isn't up tot he task of repeated use
I've had my copy since it first came out.  The great thing about this book is its focus on the technique of the recipe. From setting up the grill and proper heat levels, to cutting and prepping the ingredients as well as some of the shots while on the grill. Followed by an easy to follow recipe.

The recipes work. They're not necessarily my favorite version of a given dish. His spicing for Beer-Can Chicken isn't quite my preference for example, but his recipe works well.

The dish I've made the most is certainly the smoked salmon. Quite simple yet produces a wonderful salmon in a kippered style. And it's terribly addictive. By far my favorite salmon preparation.

Some critics complain about the repetive photography for the grill set-up. It doesn't bother me and for as often as most people grill, it's probably worthwhile as a refresher.  And it takes up minimal space in the instructions.

I would have liked to see his methods for operating some of the different type of smokers, something he rarely does on his TV shows too.

And the perfect binding method of paperbacks isn't up to the job if you use your book a lot. Mine, the binding cracked at the Salmon pages.  Give me a hardback edition!!

I've given away a couple of copies to friends, loaned my copy a number of times and have ended up with most of those people getting their own copy. A wonderful book for anyone who grills or wants to start.
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