Staub 5 Quart Oval Cocotte, Royal Blue

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Pros: Thicker build, VERY EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION, and much nicer finishes!!!!
Cons: a little heavier than most
This is the best dutch oven, you can get  A little less money, in some cases, based on size and type. Much nicer finishes. Most of all this thing cooks like no other. The thicker overall construction lends to perfectly even temperatures, and, they will keep heat longer. Everything from chili verde to beef bourgonion to classic short ribs to jambalya to plain old white rice, cooked in the oven, this thing simply performs. A superstar when it comes to braising or slow cooking in the oven, especially at low temps!!!! More often than not, the best, are usually not the ones that you see the most. I also own a smaller round version, and it performs beautifully on top of the stove as well as in the oven. I'll take Staub over Le Creuset anyday, anytime, anywhere. They are a little heavier than most of the others, but there's reason for that. This is a piece that can passed from generation to generation, pretty nice lookin' too! I'm not a pro chef or some wannabe fresh out cooking school, and I'm not here to nit pick over the trivial points, but I do a fair amount of cooking, and I have a pretty good idea about what I'm doing, been doin' it for a number of years. 

If you are someone who appreciates quality tools, and isn't afraid to use 'em, just get one!
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