Star Career Academy - Hospitality & Culinary Programs

Star Career Academy
  • Baking ProgramsIn Star Career Academy’s Baking Program and Pastry Program, you will learn all the elements of baking and pastry production. You will also learn advanced techniques featuring artisan and specialty breads, cakes and pastry, and dessert production and presentation. Graduates work as assistant pastry chefs, assistant cake decorators, assistant bakers and staff bakers.Culinary ProgramsThe Culinary Programs prepare students for entry-level employment as a cook’s assistant, line cook, short-order cook, pantry person, baker, garde manger, or sous chef in food-service establishments including restaurants, corporate dining rooms, hospitals, hotels, and catering companies. Students learn the fundamentals of food preparation, baking and pastry arts, quantity food production and service, food purchasing, food sanitation, catering, and restaurant operations through technical lessons, demonstrations and practical, performance-based training in simulated employment environments. Students completing in-school training gain real-time experience through an externship.Hotel & Restaurant Management ProgramThis program prepares students for entry-level employment in the hospitality industry. Graduates work in hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering companies and cruise lines in a wide variety of positions including: guest services agents, housekeeping coordinators, sales and marketing assistants, human resources assistants and hotel accounting assistants, food and beverage assistant manager; event planner, assistant restaurant manager, kitchen manager and food pantry agent.Students learn hotel and motel management operations, front office procedures, housekeeping administration, back office procedures, legal and security procedures and food and beverage operations including event management. Students also learn the basics of restaurant operations including menu development, food purchasing, sanitation, inventory and cost control, and the principles of quality restaurant service. Students also have the opportunity to be certified in ServSafe® for Food and TIPS (Responsible Alcohol Service). Instruction uses lectures, demonstration, training videos and extensive work with a custom computer system simulating a full-service mid-sized hotel. The computer lab uses industry-standard Opera-Fidelio property management software and allows students to carry out operations as they will find it on the job. An externship provides students with the real-time experience needed to enter a customer-centered industry.


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