Sinclair Community College - Dayton OH

Sinclair Community College
  • The hospitality management and tourism programs at Sinclair can get you started in the right direction, from running a first class hotel to a five-star restaurant. With our educational options, you can specialize in any number of fields that are in demand in the Dayton, Ohio area and around the world.Even if you do not want to complete an entire program, there are baking, cooking, and nutrition courses available for personal interest or career development students. For employees currently working in the hospitality field, many of our courses can be applied towards continuing education credits to help you advance in your career.This program might be for you if:You enjoy traveling and learning more about the world around you.You like to bake, cook, host parties or even learn about nutrition.You would like to gain an education that is applicable around the world.You want to enter a profession that provides you with a variety of different working environments and conditions.The hospitality and tourism industry is the number one employer among the service industries and is quickly becoming the largest single employment category of all industries worldwide. The hospitality management and tourism programs provide you with quality experience and hands-on training to make your skills more marketable and in demand. Our degrees and certificates have led our graduates to work in restaurant management, catering, barista operations, cake decorating, wedding planning and many other related fields.


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