Simply BACKYARD BARBECUING From Grilling to Smoking: Tips, Techniques, 200 Flavorful Recipes

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Richard W. McPeake
  • When I think of barbecue, I think of low and slow. In the USA, when people say they are going to have a BBQ, they may think of firing up the charcoal or gas grill. I have taught many classes on smoking and grilling, and have realized that the need to know both and to teach both is very important to the Art of Backyard cooking. For this reason, I decided to do my fourth book on this art of backyard cooking combining my experience from both styles of backyard cooking. This book features some of my favorite techniques and tips from my Art of Smokology classes and Backyard grilling classes. Some of my old favorite tips are featured in the new techniques and tips from the 7 years of teaching classes in the Kansas City area. To finish this new combination book, I have added new chapters, over 200 new recipes and some of my favorite recipes with new twist. This new book is meant to focus on the tips about layers of flavor, what is happening to the meats you are smoking or grilling, different heat zones that you need to achieve before you even start grilling your food and proper techniques to achieve outstanding backyard BBQ! I am sure you will find some of the new techniques and tips great to learn and you will enjoy cooking with them in your backyard, like: (just to name a few!) Tips on buying meats. Using my essence of flavor information, before you even start to cook. Using a plank on your grill! How to use the proper technique of blackening in the true way. Guidelines for grilling steaks (One of my favorite points!). Guidelines for grilling seafood Regions of Barbecue in the USA. Types of Smokers. Types of Fuels. Secrets to Smoking Seafood. Smoke Infused Roasting. I have spent numerous years in the competition world, winning hundreds of awards. Also, my years teaching as an Educator of Que has helped me learn what people are looking for in their backyard experience, to enhance their grilling or smoked foods, not only for their families but for the many friends that they may entertain. To date, I have taught over 250 classes to over 9000 students. Those tips and recipes are all found in this new Simply Backyard Barbecuing cookbook. So I hope that you enjoy the many techniques, tips and recipes that we have developed and shared with thousands of friends and students over the year. I tell all our students that barbecuing is an art about creating layers of flavors in the food that you are cooking. Let your cooking run wild, add, subtract or give your own personal twist to the many recipes in the back of the book. But most of all enjoy your Backyard Barbecuing with your friends; involve them in the food, flavors and food of this Art!
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    Richard W. McPeake
    Richard W. McPeake
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    Richard W. McPeake
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    Richard W. McPeake
    Richard W. McPeake
    Simply BACKYARD BARBECUING From Grilling to Smoking: Tips, Techniques, 200 Flavorful Recipes


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