Saeco 658 Odea Giro 15-Bar-Pump Automatic Espresso Machine

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Enjoyment made easy. The Saeco Odea Giro offers design created by BMW Group DesignworksUSA to please all coffee epicures who prefer a sovereign style. Soft lines and inviting shapes give this machine a very special character in every way. The components and features are placed to simplify its every function; just push a button to have everything adjusted to your taste. The Giro interface allows you to choose the amount and aroma of your favorite coffee, the drip tray height is adjustable and thanks to Rapid Steam[emoji]174[/emoji], you can create a creamy milk froth in just seconds. Made to last long and to offer the same standards with every cup of coffee, the Odea models make a statement in flavor as well as quality. With the Rapid Steam[emoji]174[/emoji] technology available in the Odea Giro, it's just a matter of seconds between brewing your espresso and frothing milk. The long pannarello arm can froth milk in almost any sized container, and also dispenses hot water. For perfect-tasting coffee every time. The ceramic grinder is Saeco's most recent innovation, available in all new models of the Saeco range of automatic coffee machines. After careful research, Saeco finally chose this material to put an end to grinding with metal components. Ceramic is inert, and thus ensures the best results without altering the flavor of the coffee. Moreover, it is perfectly safe to use. The new ceramic grinder also provides a more consistent grind, allowing perfect dosing and blending, and giving you more control over the density and body of your coffee. And that's not all - the amount of coffee residue left in the cup is substantially reduced. Long-lasting, minimum noise! Thanks to its sturdy build, the ceramic coffee grinder will quietly grind to the same consistency and high standards for a longer period of time. The drip tray can be easily raised or lowered manually with a simple touch, allowing for different cup sizes. Espresso cups or glasses can easily be accommodated.


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Saeco 658 Odea Giro 15-Bar-Pump Automatic Espresso Machine
Measures 15 by 11-1/2 by 14-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty
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16 inches
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10 pounds
13 inches

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Pros: speed, taste, crema
Cons: steam wand issues, customer service
This machine was a great buy. As it stands - nearly 4 years later and I still use this machine for producing 8-10 espressos daily. Within the last year the steam wand and timing system began to be a problem. We have had the machine fixed a few times. Aside from that, it produces the coffee within 180 seconds with a beautiful crema. Be careful of the type of bean used - oily beans WILL clog the machine. That was a lesson learned early on =)

Since the price has reduced substantially on the item - I would say to go for it.


Afternoon Nicko,
The Saeco rep is actually a friend of my father's and lives nearby. We have had our machine serviced through Saeco in Toronto once and then every 6 months or so locally the rep 'once overs' the machine. It is regularly cleaned and descaled as well.
I will say that the services reps in Toronto are terrible though --> they sent back the machine with a wheel missing and would not own up to it. Bad experience dealing with them.
This is a just off the bottom of the line super automatic, "single boiler dual use," espresso machine. The styling and ergonomics are by BMW. It allows some, but very little user control and requires a fair bit of lag between brew and steaming. More than two milk drinks (like latte or cappuccino) in a row would take forever. The grinder is barely adequate and does not allow compensation for the age of the beans or atmospheric changes. Neither does the machine allow much control over dosing.
Overall, It's a compromise between no espresso at all in the home and spending ridiculous money to get good espresso. That you can make espresso at the same level as some of the more popular chains is a testament to how bad theirs is.
It's an entry level machine, and as such I'd give it maybe 2-1/2 stars overall. That's less disagreement than a different point of view. I expect different things from a machine than you do and it's fair to say the Giro is not only good value and good to excellent in its niche.
The new model, the Giro Plus, is widely available for a just under $600, "online street price." The "Plus" improvements make the machine a bit stronger and more responsive.
I find your level of knowledge really encouraging. I respect your point of view. Having not had other machines, I cannot draw comparisons. However I appreciate your feedback and the time you put into it. Cheers =)
I respect my point of view too. But less so since I got the "single boiler dual use" thing wrong for the Giro. It's a double boiler system, which allows steaming and brewing at the same time. It's not as slow as I said, but the small boiler size still means a long wait if you're doing more than a couple of milky drinks at a time.
My point of view doesn't have great grammar either, and will not be allowed to write anything else without adult supervision.
Hard not to agree with BDL. I would also add that with all super automatics you have so many moving parts which makes for more things to go wrong. You really sacrifice control for convenience. I personally have tested one of the Saeco super automatics and never actually published any review of it. After three weeks it began to leak and I ended up sending it back. If you ever look at the "Refurbished" section of sites like, etc the bulk of the machines are almost always super autos. If you want to go the super auto route the best one out at the moment is the Monza by Quickmill. Has a heated group head, pre-infusion, and the casing is all steel. Much much better construction overall.
I really do like the idea of the convenience of a super auto but as we all know anything really worth our time takes our time to get it.

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