Rondo Artisanal doughband production: Econom

  • Whether as a table model or with a mobile base, the Econom is the ideal machine for hotels, restaurants, pizza shops and canteen kitchens, but also for small artisanal bakeries and confectioners. It goes without saying that you can use the Econom to sheet all types of dough with high precision.We solve your space problemsThe Econom is particularly compact and fits in any bakery, no matter how small. After use, simply fold up the working surfaces and push the Econom to one side, freeing up valuable space for other work. Clean workRollers that are clean at all times are a requirement for non-disruptive work. This is why Rondo Doge uses a special proven scraper system that reliably removes leftover dough and flour. This means that delicate or extremely thin doughs do not break either. As a matter of course, the scrapers can be removed for cleaning with a few simple hand movements and without tools.Produce consistent pastries easilyThe ergonomic roller adjustment lever permits you to work without fatigue and with minimum effort. The final thickness limit stop makes it very easy for you to set the desired final thickness. Your doughs have the same final thickness at all times and your products are the same size and weight.Ergonomic workThe modern design of the Econom enables more or less fatigue-free work. All control elements are arranged in such a way that they are easy to reach and operate without effort. The Econom is robustly built, with important components such as the machine tables made of stainless steel.Easy to clean and hygienicThe hygienic design of the Econom means it is quick to clean. It has smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces. For example, the motor is completely covered by the flour dish and the final thickness limit stop is integrated in the housing.Technical DataSTM 5303SSO 5304SubstructureBenchA-frameTable width487 mm487 mmWidth of conveyor belts475 mm475 mmTable length overall1550 mm2060 mmRoller length500 mm500 mmRoller gap0,3 - 30 mm0,3 - 30 mmRoller gap reductionmanualmanualSpeed of discharge conveyor50 cm/s50 cm/sRequired floor space:- in working position, catch pans extended1040 x 1550 mm1045 x 2500 mm- in resting position1040 x 815 mm1045 x 1100 mmRated power0,75 kVA/0,5 kW0,75 kWA/0,5 kWSupply voltage3 x 200-460 V, 50/60 Hz3 x 200-460 V, 50/60 Hz1 x 200-230 V, 50 Hz1 x 200-230 V, 60 Hz1x 110 V, 60 HzWeight80 kg145 kg


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