Oxo Good Grips 2-Piece Peeler/Parer Set

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Pros: Nice grip on both items.
Cons: A little rust on the peeler
This combo set was rather affordable.  Both pieces come with the unique, comfortable grip that you'd come to expect from OXO.  While I have other peelers, and pairing knives, these are two items that I always seem to need more of around the house.  In other words, these aren't necessarily my first choice tools when cooking.  However, after having them for such a long time and under different uses, I can say that they hold up rather well.  As with most peelers, if allowed to drip dry, they will sometime form touches or rust on the blade.  This one was no different.  But it wipes off easily.  As for the knife, I still use it and blade has held up well too.  Good value and rather durable. 
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