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  • Restaurant kitchens are fast-paced environments, requiring efficient, practiced and accurate skills, and the hands-on approach in our two Culinary Arts programs will enable you to experience exactly what those environments are all about.Our food philosophy mirrors that of Portland's – and the country's – best restaurants. Fresh. Seasonal. Farm-to-table. Local. Organic. Quality. And our students get to put it all into practice at our own open-to-the-public fine-dining restaurant before embarking on a professional externship.It's all designed to equip students with the skills and confidence needed to immediately start pursuing their dream career.Culinary Management Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)64 WeeksYou have dreams. Running your own kitchen. Maybe owning your own restaurant, food cart or catering business. This is the program for you.The AAS program focuses on culinary management, from the fundamentals of preparing good food to running a successful business, and can prepare you for a fulfilling career in the exciting food and hospitality industry.Culinary Arts Diploma32 WeeksA shorter program designed to get students out and into the workforce quickly.The program focuses on the development of fundamental cooking skills and techniques and is designed to prepare students for working in a variety of industry settings.In just 32 weeks, you can be well on your way toward real restaurant work.

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  1. carrie'
    "I loved going to OCI! I would do it all over again if I could!"
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    Jun 8, 2010
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    Pros - The chef instructors know what they are talking about and really care about the students.
    Cons - Casual attitudes can sometimes lead to clashes because of different personality types.
    I went to OCI in June of 2010, it was a wonderful experience. I loved almost all my chef instructors and really enjoyed the classes. Everyone has their favorite teachers because you get to work with them so closely, you really get to know them. Also, they are a very diverse group of instructors, so you get to learn from lots of different styles and from lots of different experiences. I sometimes pop in on them and they are always interested in what I'm up to and will take the time to talk to me in an unhurried and interested manner. It feels very much like a family.

    A lot of the chefs used to teach at the Portland Le Cordon Bleu school and didn't like the way they treated students, so they decided to start their own school. I got a Le Cordon Bleu education (actually better) for the cost of a local school.

    Some comparisons of OCI to Le Cordon Bleu (I got the information from Le Cordon Bleu students I worked with) They charged $40,000+ and my school was $18000. They didn't get to cook for the first two weeks, I got to cook the first day! Their classes took 2 1/2 years, I graduated after 10 months. We also had better chef uniforms. The other school's students always told us they wish they had our uniforms. ;)

    OCI always made learning fun. We had contests all the time for getting to pick our group names, be first to choose ingredients, etc. We had the mirepoix challenges, quick fire breakfast and quick fire lunch challenges. We were offered opportunities to watch whole animals butchered, you could come in on the weekend and learn stuff like pressure canning tuna. The chefs would also challenge themselves...one chef can debone a chicken with his bare hands in like 30 seconds, the head chef will demo slicing blindfolded, one will make a turducken! Also, you get to to try a lot of food from the different students and instructors, so you eat really well!

    OCI is very hands on, we always were given the chance to touch and do all the different techniques and learning experiences. I got unique working experiences through the school. I got the opportunity to volunteer to cook for "Potluck in the Park", a once a week dinner provided for the homeless. I also got paid to work a golf invitational at a country club. They offered a contest to win tuition, the top 3 winners got varying amounts. (The tuition prizes come from the tips at the school's restaurant)

    As far as cost, I paid quarterly to get a discount, but they had different payment plans to choose from, they also have financial aid. They try to work with you if you need help paying.

    Our chef instructors were always willing to talk to you if you had questions or needed extra help with something. They went above and beyond their jobs. If something wasn't working, they would try different ideas to figure out how to help you, until you got it. They took turns staying after class to help anyone that needed help or extra time to work on things.

    When we had our externships, I quickly realized I didn't want to work in a restaurant and that I wanted to be a personal chef, so they customized my last term to fit that. Because of this, I was able to graduate with my class and I was a personal chef by the time I was finished.

    They told us on the first day during orientation, you will not get a job on "The Food Network" because you went to culinary school. But, they always try to help you get a job if you want one. They started a fb page for alumni and announce jobs there. 5 years later I can call the office and let them know I want a job and they will help me find one. Restaurants search out students from OCI because they know the quality education and work ethic we were taught.
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  2. ginger vincent
    "My overall rating on a scale of 1-10, would be a 10!!"
    Pros - The Chef/Instructors,I loved them all!
    Cons - The financial Dept.,they didn't explain the financing clearly. It was confusing!
    Hi, I'm Ginger! I attended Oregon Culinary Institute.I thought the Chef/Instructors were all very friendly,knowledgeable and informative!! Each Chef/Instructor was very approachable and willing to help each student,if we had any questions or problems! I attended the Diploma program,which included six months of class/kitchen time then 2-3 months of exrernship at a location of your choice.The total cost was $17,000! I would recommend OCI to anyone that is interested in attending culinary school!! It was a wonderful experience!!!


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