Orange Coast College Culinary Arts

Orange Coast College
  1. dumpling
    "Great Culinary Program"
    Pros - Reasonably priced, experienced instructors, great place to network
    Cons - Many classes have long waitlists
    I graduated from OCC several years ago, but I still recommend it to my employees and any young aspiring cooks that I meet. It is a community college, so you won't leave this place drowning in debt. The Chef Instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and very encouraging to their students, and I was able to work full time while going to school as well. I was able to take both their Advanced Culinary Arts program and their Advanced Baking and Pastry program. Many of the students are working students as well, so it is a great place to make contacts for the future.

    I would say that I've had a pretty successful career so far, I've worked at luxury hotels, restaurants, and with Michelin-starred chefs, and it all started here. I've definitely had people make the argument that you get what you pay for, but what I've learned along the years is that each student's success is dependent on what he or she puts into it. I've met plenty of people who have gone to expensive private schools who have ended up nowhere, and the same can certainly be said about any school, really.

    All in all I highly recommend OCC's culinary program for anyone looking to start a career in the Hospitality industry.
  2. nikimouse311
    "Great teacher, good price and is accredited"
    Pros - Accredited, great teacher that help you get hired, the school has a working kitchen
    Cons - Its such a good program that you can get waitlisted
    I am still in school but this place is great. The teacher are know there stuff and many of them still work in the industry or they had previous  experience from 4 star to managing the food for Angeles Stadium. My teacher is very well connected restaurants in the orange country area and will send you job postings and help you get hired. My teacher got me an internship at at a 4 start hotel. Its community college so your your financial aid will cover the cost. I looked into the art institute and I think its just way over priced for what it is. There is a girl who goes to private school as well as OCC and knew know the same amount and on the plus side you can e an AA where you can't really that at private school. OCC is also accreiated with the National Restaurant Association where some schools are not.  I highly recommend this school is you live in the LA/OC area
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