Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System

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Pros: Vary fast to use and clean, great to try new ideas in.
Cons: The volume it can handle isn't huge.
This blender is a bit of a powerhouse.

It's really fast to break anything down, and the cleanup is the fastest of any blender/juicer I've ever used.

You'll be hard pushed to find something that beats it on speed, whatever it is you're blending, in less than 4 minutes you'll have it in a cup, with the nutribullet clean and ready to re-use.

So far I've used it for juice (super fast, but if you want no bits you'll have to strain them out over a wire mesh), for smoothies (making any kind of oatmeal smoothie is unmatched with this thing seriously, and it demolishes banana and ice cubes in seconds), and also for soup (gave a really creamy finish, the only downside is waiting for the roasted veg to cool down as the nutribullet is glass and not plastic, and blending in 3 batches due to the smaller volume capacity, even with this it was very fast).

I shelled out £100 for it, which was a lot, but now that I've used it almost every day since I think I'll definitely get my money's worth.

It takes up very little space, and its ease of use and cleaning means that even the laziest soul in the world will struggle to find an excuse not to bother using it.

A pricey choice, but if you're likely to use it often I think you'll find it a worthy addition to your kitchen toys.
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