New West KnifeWorks Santoku Chef Knife Fusionwood 2.0 S35VN

New West KnifeWorks
  • Highly skilled hands and modern precision tools work in concert to create a new standard in quality and workmanship. The finest materials are sculpted, assembled and hand-finished to ensure every piece is a perfect work of art. For over 15 years, New West KnifeWorks and Corey Milligan made these knives and won awards at the nation's top juried fine art shows. The knives have been featured in many of the nation's top culinary and design magazines. The Fusionwood 2.0 line represents 15 years of refinement of an idea to create the finest knives in the world in both form and function. The Fusionwood 2.0 made with powder metal super steel CPM S35VN combined with the revolutionary plunge ground, tapered tang blade grinding method put these knives at the leading edge in the world in terms of performance, functionality and design. The New West KnifeWorks signature Fusionwood handle remains an incredibly durable and beautiful material that is hand sculpted to create a seamless interface with the hand that is also a thing of beauty.
  • Length:
    6 oz
    Material Type:
    CPM S35VN

Recent User Reviews

  1. nicko
    "New Steel Makes Light Work"
    Pros - sharp durable blade, light, beautiful handle
    Cons - price

    The latest line from our friends at New West Knife works is the upgraded fusion wood “2.0” line. The “fusion wood” line has always distinguished itself from other knifes by the beautifully crafted handles (multiple colors of layered veneer) and well crafted blades. New West’s fusion wood knives have always stood out not just as great pieces of cutlery but as works of art that look as great as they perform. 

    ChefTalk received three knives (The 9  , The 8 both 2.0 versions as well) and of the three this knife was a Santoku style. Santoku originates from Japan and is generally considered an all purpose kitchen knife. A Santoku makes sense for just about any knife roll as they are well suited for common tasks such as slicing tomatoes, peeling fruit, chopping herbs etc. The blade on New West’s Santoku version is 7 inches long with an overall knife length of 12 inches. The blade is made of CPM S35VN steel. 

    The switch to the CPM S35VN steel is significant. It clearly lends itself to a great edge and allows for a lighter knife. The following quote from New West explains the uniqueness of the CPM S35VN steel.

    As soon I started using this knife the difference from the previous fusionwood versions was obvious. While the handles (New West’s trademark feature) are the same the upgrade in steel was a dramtic difference. The new blades are light (really light), thin, sharp and durable. One of my concerns with previous fusionwood knives was that they seemed a little on the heavy side. Weight of your knife comes into play more so in the professional kitchen where you are using your knife for hours at a time. Light and sharp keeps you from getting fatigued and carpal tunnel. This knife removes any previous concerns I had regarding the weight and as a result it feels much more comfortable. The weight reduction is due mostly to a tapered tang and skelton cut handle. 

    Although the new steel used in the 2.0 line is a high carbon I did not notice any issues with the knife staining. High carbon blades always have superior edges but the blades often stain which requires more effort to keep them clean. This is not an issue with the S35VN steel. 

    Of the past several years ChefTalk has had the opportunity to work with Corey and Mike from New West Knifeworks testing out their knives. It is clear to me that as the years continue Corey Milligan’s skills as a knife maker are growing in the right direction. These knives show real growth as a crafsman and they continue to be some of the most beautiful and functional knives you can own. I look forward to seeing what comes next from New West.


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  1. rogers bros
    good review....i have had a look at there website. Nice to see a USA made product. I might buy a knife from them in the future.