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  • Small paring knife for detail work

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  1. phatch
    "Paring Knife for detail work"
    Purchase Date:
    Sep 7, 2011
    Pros - sharp, fine edge
    Cons - broad point, short
    This mini parer was included in a set of knives New West sent me for review.


    This was a tough knife to review. I don't use my paring knives much as I'm not into fine garnishing or fine detail knife work in cooking. It's a 2 inch hollow ground blade in stainless steel. New West informs me that it's a new cutlery steel called BD-1.

    The thumb test felt pretty darn sharp. The paper test was surprising as it feathered and tore.


    As this knife is hollow ground, and I'm not generally a fan of hollow grinds, it could be that I have poor technique in using a hollow grind. As a control test, I took my only other hollow ground knife (AG Russell Featherlite) and gave it a paper test.

    Still pretty feathery and it tore too. Maybe I'm just bad with hollow grinds.


    Works fine for removing eyes from potatoes and other common paring tasks. And is pretty while doing it.


    I prefer a straighter edge. I find I can match the cuts easier in a simple push cut like the above. For detail work, this knife would work better in a draw cut to make cuts of an even depth.

    The point was a bit broad for my taste. It fattens up  quickly making it more difficult to choke up on and remove small bruises from fruit or other 'edits' that produce sometimes requires.

    And it had some gouging that should have been caught in Quality Assurance.


    As well as some weirdness in the finish sanding on the butt.

    Talking with New West about these finish defects they explained that this was their first run with all US sub contractors for the various steps. So they're still working out the processes and such. All the same, good QA should catch these things. Nevertheless, these are all cosmetic issues and do not affect performance or use really. 

    They'll replace this knife for me when I'm done with the review so I have a knife that meets their finish standards.

    So overall, a pleasant knife, a bit broad in the point  though. I need to practice up on fine garnishing to give it a real work out.


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  1. amazingrace
    I have been looking for a good short blade paring knife for a long time. ( Had one...but someone swiped it.) Even though the blade on this looks about the length I would like, it is too curved. I like a straighter edge, or even slightly concave for peeling. The handle look like it would be well-balance and easy to hold.
  2. hanleyna
  3. coreynewwest
    That finish does not look good. Embarrassing. We definately would repair or replace or fully refund. This is a great fruit and veg prep. Standing at the sink cleaning fruit and veg from the garden this knife is awesome. Thanks for the feedback.