New West KnifeWorks Fusionwood Chef's Knife, 9 Inch

New West KnifeWorks
  • This Chef Knife is the latest addition to our line of premium cutlery. The Fusionwood Nine inch Chef Knife is elegantly styled and perfectly balanced. As with all of our knives, we start with the finest materials so that we can produce products of the highest quality and performance.Edge holding is unmatched while maintaining the sharpenability that our knives are famous for.The design of the blade is based on our famous Phoenix 9" chef knife. Proven materials, proven design....Excellence in your hand.A 9" chef knife is always designed with the serious cook in mind. With sleek lines this knife is a real beauty. But, don't be fooled into thinking this is only a sexy blade. It is built to take on the daily use and abuse of a professional kitchen.Our unique fusionwood handles are nearly indestructible. Firmly rivited and glued to a full tang, this Chef Knife is built to give you years of trouble free service. We are so confident of the quality, that we provide you with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.Overall Length 15"Blade Length 9"Steel High-carbon,stainless tool-steel. (HRC 58-59)

Recent User Reviews

  1. chef4hire182
    "Beta Testing Fusion Wood Knife 8" (BD1 Steel)"
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 8, 2011
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Light, Balenced, and Pretty.
    Cons - Too Flexible for hard vegetables, Leather Case is unsanitary, and Factory Edge could be sharper.
    I did not buy this knife, I was asked to test it out so I do not know the price.

    Hi my name is Chef Bobby Childs I am a Kitchen Manager in Training at The Culinary Institute of America.  I spent the last week using the 9" Fusionwood handle chef knife and I have to say it is a pretty nice knife.

    The first thing I noticed with the knife is that it comes in a leather sheath, it is unsanitary and because it is leather it will absorb water causing the sheath to smell.  I like the whole matching sheath and handle, that was nice but I feel overtime i will have to switch to a different blade case.  The second thing i noticed is how light the knife is.  The tang of the knife is fatter in the center and gets thinner towards the tail end which leaves the knife evenly balanced.  I learned that this knife acts kind of like a long petty knife.  The heel of the blade is angled which allows to get a higher grip on the blade which gave me more control.  I was able to do precise cuts with 100% accuracy but once i moved on to harder/denser vegetables such as carrots and butternut squashes the blade bent so much i was unable to be precise so i had to switch knifes.  The handle of the knife only has 2 rivets attaching the handle to the blade which i know it saves time and money but in the long run it could cause problems.  The final comment i have about the knife is the blade; the blade was fairly sharp but for how much i used the knife the sharpness did not last long and i found myself sharpening it on a wet stone.  The edge came back fairly quick but left me with a question of "what kind of steel is the knife made out of?"

    Overall the knife is a great knife for precise cuts but lacks the strength to be a "workhorse" knife.  I would recommend this knife to most household consumers and all moderate level chefs.  I would like to see on the blade of the knife what kind of steel it is and for the blade to have a sharper factory edge.  This Knife looks great and is very light; I feel that it will become a knife I will use on a daily basis.


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