Misono Boning Knife - Honesuki - 6 inch

  • The MISONO Company is descended from one of Japan's great sword makers. While still producing ceremonial swords, MISONO is now more famous for their excellent, thin blade cutlery, the finest in Japan You can select from four of their best lines, each different design, blade or bolster features. All the MISONOs have the same handles made from natural wood for comfort and feel. They are impregnated with resin under high preassure and great heat to make them very durable and impervious to water. Stain Resistant Blades Made From Molybdenum, Vanadium Steel Using the same thin-blade construction, these knives are made of a high carbon, chrome-molydbenum steel that insures good edge quality while resisting stain and rust. The metal is ice-hardened and tempered to Rockwell 58° and sharpened on both sides (western style). Standard bolster.-JB Prince-

Recent User Reviews

  1. mrwalch
    "Excellent Boning Knife"
    Purchase Date:
    Oct 19, 2011
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Hard Metal, Holds Incredible Edge
    Cons - Prone to rust
    Great Knife for the serious butcher. The blade is designed to use just the tip, maybe the top inch. It is sharpened on only one side, which takes a little adjustment at first, but is far superior to any knife I've used. My experience with this particular knife includes (but is not limited to): 3 whole deer, cases of leg of lamb, scores of turkeys, and hundreds of whole chickens. There is no finger guard or bolster, but no problem. For a boning knife, they are really unneccesary. Also, the blade is quite dull for the bottom inch, so no risk of a accidental slip. The metal is a valadium chromium blend of some kind, similar to that of high speed saw blades. It can take a little more stone work to bring it back to life, but sharpening just one side make it a breeze. I'd say for every 15 strokes, do 1 on return for the other side, just to keep the burrs in line. The edge will last. Keep dry, it isn't stainless or will tarnish and rust if not treated properly. Please love your knife.


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