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Mainstays 15x20 poly cutting board, nice size for everyday use plus these are perfect for when I BBQ. A slab of ribs fits on the board for cutting without hanging off! Rim catches any juices too so no mess!

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Pros: Large work surface, channel for catching juices when cutting meat
Cons: shows knife marks fairly fast, have to scrape it with a dough scraper to smooth
I have 3 of these in the kitchen. One is dedicated to raw poultry only and I marked a corner with a permanent marker to tell it apart.

One of the others has a permanent spot on my main prep area for making my daily salad etc. The large work surface means plenty of space to work on.

The last one is the one I use when cooking outside. A slab of ribs fits on the board without hanging off, the channel on the board contains the meat juices so I don't have a mess to clean up. I has a few BBQ grease stains on the back from sliding it on the shelf in front of the smoker but otherwise they clean up nice.

Only downside is they show knife marks pretty fast. I use a stainless dough scraper to smooth the top, it cuts off the worst of the knife marks and makes keeping the board sanitary a lot easier.

The ones I have are at least 10 years old and just needing replacement so overall they are a good value for a poly cutting board!
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