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  • Getting Started with Culinary TrainingCooking isn't just something you do... It's an exploration into ingredients and flavors from around the globe to create works of art, with plates as your canvas.Turn cooking into a career as you receive the foundation for Culinary Arts training from caring and highly qualified chefs at Lincoln's culinary art schools. Their engaging personalities put the spotlight on students, helping them to succeed and master a variety of culinary techniques.Receive hands-on culinary training in French, Asian, Mediterranean, Latin and American cooking, along with professional baking and pastry techniques.Seasoned culinary professionals work with you in kitchens equipped with industry-standard equipment, tools and utensils needed to prep food masterpieces.Master advanced cooking skills like contemporary food reception, presentation and knife skills.Enter the world of modern gastronomy through the newest, cooking methods such as SousVide, thermal immersion, and manipulating scientific techniques to create food with depth and dimension.Perfect your skills inside Caf'e Prot'eg'e, our student-operated restaurant that pastry and culinary students work in to prep, cook and serve food to the public.Experience cuisine from around the world, and study their ingredients, flavors and cultures.The Culinary Arts program is accredited by the prestigious American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC).*The broad range of Culinary Arts training programs, theory and practical experience you gain-including kitchen and restaurant management skills-can help make your entry into the culinary industry a delicious success!You'll also prepare to sit for American Culinary Federation's Certified Culinarian and Pastry Culinarian certifications!How do I get started?As a Culinary Arts student, you'll taste new food, learn new things and become a lifelong learner with experiences that you'll carry with you forever. Everyone has a different dream, but the passion for bringing joy to others through food remains the same. To enroll in Lincoln's Culinary training program, or find culinary schools near you, request more information!

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  1. prchef561
    "Best known for their Baking Program."
    Pros - Chefs Instructors have worked and had good positions for big names, The Breakers, The Ritz, ACF President.
    Cons - Too Corporate, focus is on saving Money and not on the students education, most of Instructors are not willing to go off curriculum.
    I personally had great times here and made a lot of friends. But all that aside, LCI stopped the externship part of the program which is truly where students will little to no experience really find themselves as Chefs and have the opportunity to learn and put a Michelin star or 5 Diamond Award Resort on their Resume. They could not even get the Italian Program up and running and they are trying to do a Swiss Chocolate Program? They have replaced that with Cafe protege with little to no butchering in house, the Chefs using more shrimp, chicken, or beef base than actual stock unless the Foundations class made a decent batch to share. And the hours 11am - 1pm Monday through Thursday for 5 or 6 weeks of that time cooking. At least the salvation of this campus for now is 2 CMBs and the Dean was the Executive Pastry Chef at the Breakers.


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