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  • Paris breathes culinary excellence at every corner: its open-air markets, bistros, and boulangeries – the ideal location to learn about gastronomy, regional products and to absorb France’s culture.Founded in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu Paris attracts students from all over the world. The best students can obtain internships in Parisian establishments, a invaluable work experience which will reflect in future professional pursuits. All courses are taught in French and translated into English.Programs & CoursesCuisine and Pâtisserie Certificates and DiplomasWine and Management ProgramContinuing Education for professionalsHautes Etudes du Goût (in collaboration with Reims University)French Language for GastronomyShort-term courses for food enthusiasts

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  1. nicko
    "One Day Bread class is a blast"
    Pros - Learn a large variety of breads, In Paris, prices are reasonable
    Cons - Can't really think of any
    Back in 2009 my wife and I took a trip to Paris and I thought it would be a lot of fun to go to the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and take a one day bread making class. Le Cordon Blue Paris actually offers a number of 1-3 day classes for those looking for a fun culinary adventure while in the great city of Paris. The classes are taught in French but an English translator is present and literally translates the entire class. I was curious about this and the interpreter explained to me that even their regular programs are all translated into English due to the many students from all over the world who attend the school. 

    The cost at the time was 180 euros which is about $250.00 US dollars and well worth it in my opinion. Not only do you get a hands on class that for entire day but you also get an excellent breakfast and lunch as part of the deal. In addition to that you receive a Le Cordon Bleu apron and towel, recipe booklet a certificate of completion and a sack full of bread to take home.

    This is a hands on class as I stated so you will definitely learn how to prepare bread but negatives might be that some of them such as the baguettes can be difficult to reproduce without the help of the the very nice bread ovens they have in Paris. The instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and it was quite easy to ask questions even though he did not speak English. The class is easy paced and there were mostly home cooks in the class with very little experience so even if you have no bread making skills at all you can just relax and enjoy your time learning from the masters. 

    I have posted a photo of my experience at the school here: http://www.cheftalk.com/g/a/143330/le-cordon-bleu-paris-bread-making-class/

    Link to the class on the le cordon bleu website: https://www.cordonbleu.edu/index.cf...howshortcoursedetail&courseid=221&setlangid=1


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  1. nicko
    In the very first photo @kokopuffs those are croissants that are being cut. The second photo is of baquettes. I don't understand your second question about dark linen couches?
  2. kokopuffs
    In the first photo is that a single baguette that's being slashed??

    Also what accounts for the dark linen couches.  Mine appear a bit gray colored??
  3. gcbranco