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I have no idea about the school but i think it is quite good.

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Pros: Not as expensive and other Cordon Bleu Schools.
Cons: Full of rich housewives looking to kill time.
I had an overall positive experience at Le Cordon Bleu-Mexico. Their courses are really hands-on and you are always spending time in the kitchen and showing off your skills and your learning abilities. I think it is missing a lot of classes where they teach you in depth about ingredients, herbs, etc. The only work opportunity they offer is working at the restaurant  "Casa de Francia" which is a restaurant owned by LCBM which is designed practically for Le Cordon Bleu students looking to gain some real kitchen experience. They however do not encourage you to find a job, or to study while working at the same time. They do not have connections with any of the best restaurants in Mexico to set you up with internships. You have to do everything on your own, which in my opinion is ridiculous given the amount of money that you pay to attend the school. 
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