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  • The two certificate programs (majors) in this department are Baking and Pastry and Restaurant Management. They provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which enhance successful employment in the various job classifications of the Culinary Arts industry. The programs include pre-employment courses, supervised experience prior to employment, extension classes, and short-term workshops for upgrading skills. Many classes are approved by Retail Bakers Association (RBA) and National Restaurant Association (NRA).Baking and PastryThe major in Baking prepares students for employment in retail bakeries, and in industrial and commercial establishments as pastry cooks or bakers.Restaurant ManagementThe major in Cooking offers technical trade theory and practical laboratory experiences in basic cooking procedures which prepare students for entry into the various job classifications of the industry. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in the operations and supervision of the food preparation facility at Laney College.

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  1. etherial
    "An Affordable Step Into The World of Culinary Arts"
    Pros - Knowledgeable instructors, state-of-the-art kitchens and dining facilities, affordable tuition and scholarships and tuition assistance is available
    Cons - Early semester overcrowding and limited parking during this time, high drop-out rate, poor "team" spirit, and some class disruptions
    Focus on your goal and let everything else/img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif fall to the wayside.

    Laney College is convenient and affordable, located in downtown Oakland, California.  The Culinary Arts department offers students the opportunity learn the basics skills needed to pursue an entry-level position in the field.  The instructors are well-traveled and some have worked alongside celebrity chefs.  Some have worked overseas and bring their international expertise to the campus kitchens.  
    A good number of people assume culinary school is just about cooking, but it covers an array of topics a good chef must master in order to be successful, which leads me to the Sanitation/Nutrition classes.  This class familiarizes students with the hazards of  micro-organisms and how they affect the food industry; proper time/temperature zones, HACCP, just to name a few.  These subjects are very involved and some students do not possess the discipline to do the work required and to practice the procedures learned.
    Culinary Math is extremely important and covers food and labor costs, prime cost percentages, requisitions, credit memos, FIFO, LIFO, etc.  Again, the instructors make it their first priority to assist students in understanding the material and putting it into practice through work-groups and practice quizzes.
    We also rotate to the various stations in the kitchen to ensure everyone is familiar with the saute station, grill, pantry, sous chef, and back-up stations for the line.  Laney has a Student Center where a student can grab a seat, whip out a book and purchase hot or cold sandwiches, soup, a hot entree, or an Asian dish or salad and various other salads.  If you are in the mood for a formal setting, there's Laney's Bistro.  It is a bright and sunny atrium-styled bistro that serves a daily core menu with a selection of International cuisine as well.  Meals from different countries are served every day, except it is closed on Mondays.  
    The classrooms are large and there's even a forum that holds about 200 students.  Laney has a theater that produces live plays and music and during the Spring and Fall, free live shows are presented in the main courtyard.
    The only drawback with Laney is that some of the students are confused about their goals, which results in a high drop-out rate.  My freshman class in 2012 consisted of 180 students, but has quickly dwindled down to 10.  The other snag is you really need to secure your personal property.  Laney is a good school, provided YOU DO THE WORK.  Some students become disenchanted with the program as soon as they discover that there are a few subjects that require quite a bit of study time, so they leave.  Too bad.
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