Kyocera Revolution Series 6 Inch Nakiri Vegetable Cleaver, White Blade

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Pros: light weight, laser sharp
Cons: possible sharpening difficulties, poor handle
I used tax refund money to buy this knife. NO, I didn't need another new knife, but I needed to buy something. First off, my compliments go to Cutlery and More. I ordered it Monday, it was in my hands Tuesday (+ free shipping). The title of this review says "White Blade", I got the black. NO difference other than cosmetic. After speaking with Kyocera, I learned that the only difference from the white is the addition of some carbon fiber crystals to give it the black color. Their Kyotop Damascus line, also black, is actually fired differently. This knife is very light and "laser"  (I learned that word in the forums, T-Y) sharp. The handle is plastic, and while it fits your hand nicely it also feels cheap. A "Fibrox" style handle would be an improvement. I think I will scuff mine up with some steel-wool to see if It will improve the grip. As for sharpening, Kyocera will sharpen it for free whenever I send it in. The rep said maybe a 10 day turnaround from Chicagoland. We'll see. Anyway, it has performed beautifully. I have cut some 100#'s or so of salad vegetables and as many #'s of steak medallions. With it's combination of weight/sharpness I've picked up more speed than before. I'm surprised I haven't cut myself. It's been dropped (not by me) twice, and doesn't show any chips/nicks. This knife is over 2x's the cost of any other knife I have. I will probably not be buying any more like it, but I am not at all sorry that I did. It's really cool. If you want to try a ceramic knife, this is a very good choice. 
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