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  • Italian Chef Academy is located in Via della Camilluccia, in one of the most exclusive and panoramic areas in Rome: an elegant and residential district surrounded by green areas, few minutes far from San Peter’s Cathedral and the most important roman monuments.The Academy is situated in a natural reserve and has a bio-natural kitchen garden and an area dedicated to aromatic herbs. There are wide external places and classrooms dedicated to both theory and practice, at the students’ disposal. The Academy didactic kitchen has modern work-places, equipped with the most modern equipment and tools, in order to grant space and working independence to each student.Our culinary library, composed by an amazing number of food & wine volumes, enables our students to make researches and study in-depth the topics dealt during the classes.Mission Italian Chef Academy mission is to facilitate its students insertion in the world of work, through excellent training paths and apprenticeships in prestigious restaurants.Throughout a rich program of professional training courses, Italian Chef Academy gives its students the possibility to create personal training paths, able to satisfy everyone's goals.All Italian Chef Academy professional courses and the Masters have been studied to grant a full preliminary professional preparation to rapidly enter in the world of work. Our strengths are:· selective entry· professional teaching staff, composed by chefs, academicians and highly qualified experts· wide and pleasant spaces with all the components and vanguard equipments of the sector a bio-kitchen garden and a reserved area for aromatic herbs· labs equipped with vanguard equipments weekly learning tests · apprenticeship in prestigious structures all over the nation laboratories and seminars· English and Italian language courses (open to everyone)· final certification recognized by the Institute for Italian Professional Education, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research)

Recent User Reviews

  1. jordanfood
    "Great experience"
    Pros - location - chefs - quality of cooking lessons
    I attended the professional chef course chef at Italian Chef Academy in Rome  chef academy course in January 2017 and both chefs and cooking lessons  were fantastic.  I have just finished my experience which includes 300 hours of Internships and I have found immediatly work. I highly recommend this School!
  2. tessy
    Purchase Date:
    Jul 9, 2016
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - None
    Cons - Lots
    WARNING!!! Want to lose your money? Welcome to Italian Chef Academy! If you read this message before choose the school,please close their website and forget you've ever seen it - I wish somebody told me that!
    1. Teaching time 11 lessons, 3 times per week - 5 hours only!!! 1 month!!!!for 5000 euro. The list of teachers saying almost after each name "1,2 Michelin star chef" in school only one chef with Michielin star makes one lesson for students who payed the most expensive module of education which also wasn't mentioned.
    2.The partners of the school mentioned at the website again far from reality,it was one of the key point why I choose this school, cause you promised internship in Restaurants of famous hotels chain such as "Hilton", "Sheraton", "Majestic",etc. so I hoped by have internship in such place I would be able to apply for a job in my native country. When I asked about such opportunity,they refused.
    3.They promised the group of 8 students,my group was 9. It means that each of 8 students loose 10% of attention of teacher,which was not a lot,doesn't it mean that course for each student of my group must cost 10% less?That is 500 euro actually.
    4.At the lessons they give to students only vegetables to work with and cheap pasta. Other more expensive products were bought only for teaching chef,as an example I can make meat lesson and fish lesson. During meat lesson they provide group with only meat for chef,students were only watching or making vegetable sauces. During fish lesson they provide group with only one lobster which costs about 10-14 euro and again only chef was cooking it,students didn't touch it. It is not a professional course, which they promised to give. I go to the shop and I can count everything what I touched during lessons,at tops price of all that - 200-300 euro.
    5.They provide us with completely unreadable books in English,which were translated in google translator probably,cause to people fluently speak English it is impossible to understand. And the every week check of knowledges they made on tests which touch subjects of lesson we didn't have yet,so we must "learn" actually everything during these course by ourselves in books. After they never show the results of the tests to know where students make mistakes and what they must study more - nobody cares actually about progress or results of the student. Moreover they use the results of the test to make final mark at the diploma,so mine was 9 from 10 and I have no idea why,what I want to know to learn and not to make a mistake again- but these tests are very secret information of Academy. Actually I think and as I saw from diplomas of other students - those who complain has 9 from 10,who don't complain has 10 from 10.
    So I can say during these 11 lessons we learned nothing.
    6.About laboratories.
    I will not say that it was not interesting and boring and that lectors just read papers they gave us before cause it is my subjective opinion,anyway if to sum up all together main course and laboratories I had only 105 hours instead of 130 I payed for (moreover I count hours when I came to school,but usually lectors were late and we waited for 30 minutes at least)
    8.Apprenticeship.I waited for mine 3 weeks,my visa has limits and they knew it,and I spent my money on living here without any studying or working.
    When I finished my apprenticeship so the education at all I realized that half of what they promised wasn't mentioned in course.

    Here is what I was promised to have, citation of letter from Academy:

    Module 3- 530 total hours(4-5 months)

    • 130 hours of practical lessons( Foundamentals+insights)
    Insights laboratories:
    - modern cooking
    - wine & oil – sensorial analysis
    - C.V. and job interview
    - Professional Pizza Laboratory
    - Professional Gelato Laboratory
    - food cost
    - healthy cooking
    - anti-aging diet
    - banqueting
    - food design
    - kitchen/hall relations
    - service simulation
    - full menu setting
    - finger food
    - salty patisserie
    - visit to bio-natural kitchen garden
    - visit to the aromatic herbs area
    - 3 teaching outings
    - English classes
    • Weekly progressive learning test
    • HACCP qualification certificate
    • 400 hours of educational apprenticeship
    Cost. Euro 5000.00 English Translation included

    And now the truth- I didn't have lessons about:
    -25 hours from 130 missed somewhere
    - healthy cooking!!!(vegetarian teacher lesson - in which part of planet it is "healthy cooking")
    - anti-aging diet
    - banqueting
    - food design
    - kitchen/hall relations
    - service simulation
    - full menu setting
    - visit to bio-natural kitchen garden
    - visit to the aromatic herbs area (few herbs in the school territory which we saw during 3 minutes under the rain)
    - 3 teaching outings (we had only 1 in metro cash&carry shop,if they meant it by outings,the other 2 were not presented)
    - English classes (they said to students you can join the course during the year since your education,but I had only 6 months student visa and they knew it and proposed me only one place of these courses few weeks ago,so I can't take it even if I wanted,during passed 6 months you didn't find place for me,also must be mentioned that on the website it is said "intensive English and Italian (for foreigners) courses, with specific focus on cooking terminology" what was interesting for me,cause even if I speak English I didn't know special cooking terminology,in reality English courses are for Italians who doesn't speak English with elementary school program,as all the students say)
    • HACCP qualification certificate ( was one of the key point of my entering to this school,cause as I said I was going to work in other's countries after the course,so this certificate is very important to have as soon as it is international,but we had only few hours lesson and you gave only some nothing meant paper that I took part of this lesson- it is not the HACCP qualification certificate!!!)
    What is the most important the paper they SOLD me for 5000 euro has no links with "international diploma",this paper doesn't mean anything out of Italy.
    When I tried to talk to understand how such things can happen in place you pay money!!! Result was - director:D escaped on his bike,and:
    1.Daniela Galdi - his wife,after my few times questions about with who I can discuss my questions,took the phone and said if I will not leave the territory immediately she will call the police where I will not have any protection just because I'm not Italian. My words can be proved by many students of the school,who had English lessons next door,and some of them agreed to prove my words officially . It was very rude and they seems forgot that they are just a shop selling peppers and I'm a client to whom you serve,nothing more. So it is the reason of my first official complain to Ufficio Nazionale Antidisciminazioni Razziali. They were very interested about this information and I gave them contacts of other international students of your school,who all were complaining a lot about rude and humiliating attitude from all the stuff of your school.
    2.By Italian law student with student visa is obliged to have permesso di soggiorno per motivi di studio during his/hers stay in Italy. This permesso allows to international students work only 20 hours per week, no matter that you call it "apprenticeship" - it is work,so it is very sad that you don't know even law of your country. Police was very interested to know this fact,especially they were interested about no money for these job,and guess how they called it? "Slave work".
    3.And again thanks to Italian law,I learned that it is illegal to pay more than 1000 in cash to any organization in Italy. I payed you 2500 in cash,they made a good trick by give me recipe that I payed it in 3 days shared the payment,but I was at school only at 14th October,at 15th and 16th as it says in the recipe I wasn't not at the territory of the school and didn't make any payment. To school I came only at the 17th October at the practical lesson. Also I have the letter of school which says that at first day of education October 14th I MUST make "payment of the remaining fee" and at my question how must I do it,in cash or through bank answer was "you can do it as you prefer" so I payed in cash,€ 2500 the whole sum at October 14th,not as they wrote me in recipe. So they not only act against Italian law, not to pay taxes but also operate with fake financial documents. Bravo! I hope you know which organization in Italy was very happy to know all this information? Yes,right - Guardia di Finanza - do not hesitate to contact them, if they did the same with you,
    3.Moreover in my "diploma" they have made a mistake in the name of my native city,with this mistake diploma is not valid. At the beginning I asked the question if this diploma is international and they said yes,what is not true,it is not valid,even if without mistakes. I will not even speak about that printed paper which you call HACCP certificate. As a result i stayed without money,education and diploma.
    I wrote a report to Italian police to investigate work of this school,even if it will take years.
    My report to the police signed by 36 Italian students of "academy" and 4 international students,almost all the students of your school are very unhappy and not satisfied with this school. I talked to lots of them and continue to look for more. Students who are happy with the school are that ones who were saying good words about school and as a result had connection with some good chefs or restaurants (very few students) or that ones who are having sexual relations with teaching chefs (by the way,is it legal?i think,police must know about it too).
    Cooking is your dream? Please stay away from Italian Shit Academy!
  3. fraccount
    I have been a student of this school. I paid the training package more expensive. I have only sold smoke, words and stories.
    Choose another school. Here the chefs are good, but the lessons are poor. The course material is scarce and wrong. Time is short, the English lessons are shameful.
    Choose another school. Please!


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  1. peppercorns
    Hello, I am looking at an autumn enrollment here but have some hesitations given the two negative reviews. I am American but living in Europe for my husband's work. I am looking at the 670 hour international cuisine course that they are offering. Any advice you have would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. peppercorns
    Hello, I am very curious about your experience as I am strongly considering enrollment in autumn. I have a sneaking suspicion that the two previous positive reviews of the school may not have been authentic (given the user names and that they only logged on to post one glowing review and then never signed in again) but hoping I am wrong about that. I am American but living in Europe for my husband's work and was planning to enroll in the 670 hour international course. I look forward to hearing more of your feedback, many thanks!
  3. mgm0
    I am very interested. And as Nicko said a little more info would be great.
  4. nicko
    Can you speak to the cost of the program and also the housing?
  5. nicko
    Is this a very expensive school to attend? What kind of finacing options are their?