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Institute of Culinary Education
  • Founded in 1975 by the late Peter Kump, the school's career division offers a fast, intensive culinary education geared for adults at least 20 years old. Students are required to have completed at least two years of college or to have two years of work experience in order to enroll. Here are 12 reasons why we think ICE could be the right choice for you.1. A diploma from one of the best culinary schools in America.Our New York City cooking school has a stellar reputation among chefs, restaurateurs, food writers, hoteliers, and culinary professionals around the world. Thousands of satisfied and successful alumni over 37 years make it clear that our courses, connections, and care produce the results you are looking for. That’s one of the reasons why we are a past winner of the IACP’s Award of Excellence for “Best Culinary School in America.”2. Don’t take our word for it. Check our references.Read what national culinary leaders including Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, Jean-George Vongerichten, Marcus Samuelsson, Michael Anthony, Marc Murphy, Gail Simmons, Ivy Stark, Michael Laiskonis, and Maxime Bilet have to say about ICE. Click here for details.In a survey of current students conducted by the ACCSC, ICE’s third-party accrediting organization, 100% of students surveyed would “recommend the school to a friend.”Another key ACCSC metric is a school’s graduation rate. In 2013 ICE’s graduation rate was a stellar 90%.3. New York City: If you can make it here…Located in the heart of New York City, America’s culinary capital, ICE offers a vibrant cultural experience, with access to a vast array of international restaurants, gourmet markets, food media, and culinary resources like nowhere else in the world. We’re located in the Flatiron District, right down the street from Madison Square Park, a diverse and energetic area of the city. If you already live in metro New York, you are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn, extern and start your career in this environment. If you don’t live in the area, moving to New York City should be given serious consideration. Ask around, employers across the nation – and the globe – recognize the benefits of hiring culinary and hospitality staff with New York experience, where standards of excellence and innovation are so high.4. An externship program envied by other schools.In 2013, we placed 499 externs in 292 establishments across the country. Students have the opportunity to choose the externship site that most closely aligns with their interests, and frequently the externship results in a job offer. We believe that a real-world externship experience is more valuable than working in a school-run restaurant.5. Stellar career placement services.Eighty-two percent of ICE graduates who want a job in the field, get a job in the field!* The ICE Career Services department has a full-time staff of five professionals. They received a commendation of excellence from our accreditor, the ACCSC, for their consistent hard work and dedication to alumni and ICE’s community.The ICE Career Services department sends over 6,000 emails a week to the ICE alumni network with an average of 175 job listings for ICE graduates. Plus, we offer career fairs with leading chefs and employers looking to recruit ICE students, networking events, and volunteer opportunities. Fun fact: we sent a record 310,000 emails to the ICE alumni network last year.6. Global perspective and the highest quality ingredients.While an ICE education is grounded in classical French technique, it also offers the opportunity to explore food globally, including the cuisines of Italy, Spain China, Thailand, Mexico, India, and more. Our strong emphasis on quality means that you will cook with ingredients sourced from local purveyors who cater to the city’s finest four-star restaurants.7. The best way to learn the business.ICE Culinary Management diploma program is essentially a “culinary business school.” There is no program like it in New York City. In this course you will learn everything from how to write a business plan, to restaurant public relations, and the basics of current human resource law. We have carefully scheduled these programs, and offer discounts, so that students can double major and earn two diplomas at ICE in under a year.8. An alumni network with a track record of success.For decades, ICE alumni have won numerous regional and national awards gaining recognition from a broad range of organizations, magazines, and trade groups. The list includes the James Beard Foundation, Food & Wine magazine, Women Chefs & Restaurateurs, Forbes Magazine, the American Culinary Federation, and the International Association of Culinary Professionals.Click here to see what renowned ICE alumni Gail Simmons, Marc Murphy, Maxime Billet, and Ivy Stark have to say about their ICE experience.Click here for the ICE Alumni Hall of Achievement.Click here for a list of Awards, Honors and Recognition.9. Chef-instructors and faculty of the highest caliber.It’s very difficult to get a position teaching at ICE. We set an extremely high standard for skill, knowledge, experience, passion, and concern for students. It’s a modern approach to teaching, reflective of current trends in the culinary field. In our management programs, all of the instructors are active consultants and have held general manager or other executive positions. So the experiences they share are as real as can be, not just based on textbooks.10. The possibility to save time and money...on your schedule.It’s simple: a diploma program can be completed faster than an associate or bachelor’s program. ICE only offers diploma programs. Employers have demonstrated that they do not care which academic credential you have. So why take longer than you need to start your career?A longer associate program will almost always cost more money than a shorter diploma program. Why spend that extra money, or take out larger loans? Among New York City’s best-known diploma programs, ICE is the least expensive option. Ask employers, ask alumni of both schools: there is no compelling reason to go to what is probably the most expensive culinary diploma program in America when you can go to ICE.As for course schedules, no school has more options than ICE. We have convenient morning, afternoon, evening, weekend, and even late night classes starting each month throughout the year. There is even a three-day weekly schedule that meets Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night. We offer unique schedules so that you can fit culinary school into your life.11. A rich menu of extracurricular options.ICE students and alumni benefit from a rich menu of extracurricular classes, guest chef demonstrations, and ongoing professional development opportunities. Several times a week there are opportunities to volunteer with chefs at external events or venues like the James Beard Foundation townhouse.From molecular gastronomy to modern Latino cooking, we believe in exposing our students to every aspect of the culinary universe. Wine education is an essential part of that universe, and all students have the opportunity to take our highly regarded six-session “Wine Essentials” course.12. Focus and personal attention are in ICE’s DNA.ICE’s 45,000-square-foot professional facility features small, hands-on classes with attentive, distinguished chef-instructors. From admissions to financial aid, to your education and post-graduation with career services – ICE prides itself on personal attention to our students. Teaching people like you about the world of culinary and pastry arts and hospitality is the only thing we do. You’ll benefit from being part of an institution that is so finely focused!

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  1. m00chness
    "Campus tour review (will update accordingly)"
    Purchase Date:
    Feb 4, 2016
    Pros - Brand new space - hydroponic garden - bean to bar chocolate kitchen
    Cons - Unknown (I begin classes in July 2016)
    This is only based upon the campus tour. I plan on updating as I go through the culinary program, starting in July 16

    Living in NYC you have two choices. ICC, and ICE. So my first tour was at ICC, followed by ICE. Ultimately I chose ICE over ICC due to the course structure and what they offered.

    ICC - technique is what they stress, and rightfully so, however I needed more than technique. To me that is too boring to keep my attention for 10 months - a year. When I asked the recruiter if they taught anything outside of technique he made it clear that 99.99999% of the school focuses on technique and the short answer was no. 

    ICE - Teach above, however as part of the curriculum you will also be exposed to - business management (including how to turn a profit and using social media to promote yourself), hydroponic gardening, bean to bar chocolate making, wine and cocktails 101. There seemed to be a lot more going on as far as creativity
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  1. m00chness
    To answer your question, yes. School for approx 6 months, then externship (210 hrs), then you  get a job, hopefully at where you did your externship
    I am not sure if the price is different but if you call the school they can answer it for sure. 
  2. duynguyen
    So you just need to study here for 10-12 months then you done of study ?
    I have another question is i live in VA so does that school fees more than you? , because of out state student .
    Sorry my english not so good . Thank you