Fagor Duo 8-Quart Pressure Cooker

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Pros: Good performer, reasonable price
Cons: Some sloppy fit issues
There are cheaper pressure cookers and certainly much more expensive ones. Fagor presents good value in this size and price. 

The features that most influenced this purchase:
  • Reputation, Fagor is a brand known for quality pressure cookers. Additionally, choosing a large company for your pressure cooker ensures parts availability in the future. The sealing gasket is a high wear item in pressure cookers and being able to easily source a new gasket is important. 
  • Capacity, I was considering the 6 quart version of this but the extra capacity is worth it for larger corned beef and such. Remember, pressure cookers have a maximum fill line about 2/3-3/4 of the volume of the pot--this is the measured capacity of the pot as well. Filling the pot above that line with liquid means foam and such can get into the pressure releif system and cause problems. 
  • Induction compatible. I'm not buying any new cookware that isn't induction compatible*. The speed of heating and heat control on induction is a great match for a pressure cooker. 
  • Duo Classification. For the recipes I encounter in the west, I wanted a  pressure cooker that used the US standard 10 and 15 pound pressure. That means the Duo line from Fagor which is how they indicate their US pressure models. The rest of the Fagor and the European brands use the European pressures of that are about 8 and 12 pounds in US units. 
The locking system on my unit is not ideal. I don't know if it's a factory mistake or feature. I press the lock button into place, but the pressure cooker starts to vent around the handle when the pressure indicator pops up. I can then fully engage the lock and it seals up tight.  If it's a feature, it's a bad idea. I think it's a flaw in my unit. Wasn't worth returning it though, at least to me. 

It's a little slow to heat up. I suspect they used a small steel plate in the disk base for induction or the steel isn't as magnetic as ideal. 

Still it's a good unit and value. 

*I do still buy aluminum nonstick saute pans now and then for cheap. 
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