Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy

  • The mission of the Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy is to deliver a robust culinary program wherein the novice cook and culinary professional can practice and acquire the techniques and methods of the Master Chef, Auguste Escoffier, through a chef-led, self-paced virtual culinary program.

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  1. anthony eugenio
    "Great if you cant do full time"
    Pros - Affordable, work on your time, Great chefs, detailed recipes and videos
    Cons - not a physical campus
    So I've been working in the industry for 12years, I couldn't afford some of the price tags to attend a campus, and most the time even if i could it would involve me leaving my current job and moving which i couldn't afford. So i was doing some digging and found Escoffier (which was awesome because i wanted to attend their boulder campus) and joined their on line program.

    Escoffiers on line program is very detailed, like really really detailed, you are giving weekly assignments which involve attending classrooms, discussion forms, Quizzes, and you have 2-3 "assignments" these are anything from making small dice, tourne, making mayo, soups, etc. you must take pictures at certain points, taste and record your findings in a flavor journal, this is helpful to your chef in grading you assignments.since they can't taste it and can help them figure out where you went wrong, they are here to teach the basics of cooking, they say the taste can be developed once you start working, but if you have basic knife skills and an understanding of how food is cooked. the rest will come down the road.
    like i said Ive been in the industry for 12years a lot of what I'm learning i already know, but their is a lot i didn't know and its good to get all the basics.
    now the cons, your not on campus you don't get the experience of working elbow to elbow with people and helping each other make a dish. and its not as intense if you do take this program you have to commit to study and complete the assignments, its very easy to get distracted.

    Overall this is an excellent program if you can not commit to a full time campus, from newbies, home cooks, and even seasoned chefs who wants a diploma in culinary or pastry arts.
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  2. art good
    "Excellent experience for someone with few options."
    Pros - Affordable. Online. Excellent chef mentors just a phone call away.
    Cons - Home kitchen experience will not equal professional restaurant kitchen experience.
    I enrolled with Escoffier Online several months ago after looking at two culinary schools (one at a community college), both of which were a 35 to 40 minute drive away.   As someone working full-time in a job that doesn't always have a reliable schedule, plus a spouse working full-time and a family, I have found Escoffier Online to be a worthwhile option.  I have had a great experience so far.  Would I have rather went to a brick & mortar culinary school?  Of course, but the cost, distance and inflexible schedule made that an impossibility. I have had enjoyed the curriculum, and the at home cooking assessments.  The chef mentors have been great to work with.   I have learned a lot. 

    The only thing that I think Escoffier could do better, is to network with restaurants (even chain ones like Applebees or O'Charley's) to make it possible for students to gain real world professional kitchen experience.  Or, offer some kind of week long intensive that would allow students to practice knife skills and working with real kitchen equipment.   
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