Eating to Lower Your High Blood Cholesterol

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  • High blood cholesterol is a serious problem. Along with high blood pressure and cigarette smoking, it is one of the three major modifiable risk factors for coronary heart disease. Approximately 25 percent of the adult population 20 years of age and older has "high" blood cholesterol levels-levels that are high enough to need intensive medical attention. More than half of all adult Americans have a blood cholesterol level that is higher than "desirable." Because high blood cholesterol is a risk to your health, you need to take steps to lower your blood cholesterol level. The best way to do this is to make sure you eat foods that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. The purpose of this book is to help you learn how to choose these foods. This book will also introduce you to key concepts about blood cholesterol and its relationship to your diet. For example, it includes basic (but very important) information about saturated fat-the dietary component most responsible for raising blood cholesterol-and about dietary cholesterol-the cholesterol contained in food. This book is divided into three parts. The first part of the book gives background information about high blood cholesterol and its relationship to heart disease. The second part introduces key points on diet changes and better food choices to lower blood cholesterol levels. Finally, in the third part more specific instructions are given for modifying eating patterns to lower your blood cholesterol, choosing low-saturated fat and low-cholesterol foods, and preparing low-fat dishes. The "glossary" provides easy definitions of new or unfamiliar terms. The "appendices" that follow the glossary list the saturated fat and cholesterol content of a variety of foods. Contents Eating to Lower Your High Blood Cholesterol What You Need to Know About High Blood Cholesterol Why Should You Know Your Blood Cholesterol Level? How High Is Your Blood Cholesterol Level? What Should Your Blood Cholesterol Goal Be? How Does Your Blood Cholesterol Become High? The Recommended Treatment: A Blood Cholesterol-Lowering Diet What Changes Should You Make in Your Diet? Eat Less High-Fat Food Eat Less Saturated Fat Substitute Unsaturated Fat for Saturated Fat Eat Less High-Cholesterol Food Substitute Complex Carbohydrates for Saturated Fat Maintain a Desirable Weight How Should You Change Your Daily Menu? What Kind of Success Can You Expect? How to Change Your Eating Patterns Shop for Foods That Are Low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Read the Labels Low-Fat Cooking Tips Where Can You Go For Help? Glossary
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    Eating to Lower Your High Blood Cholesterol


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