Early Morning Pottery Ceramic Poultry Roasters by Jerry Lowery

Early Morning Pottery Ceramic Poultry Roasters

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Jerry Lowery is a potter par excellance in Dallas, Oregon. HIs patented poultry roasters are the finest I've seen on 40 years of cooking. We use all three sizes - large (10-12 lb turkey), medium (chicken) and small (game hens). The ceramicware roaster cooks the birds perfectly - in an oven of over a grill. You can even use the small size for an impressive presentation at table for cornish hens. We like to glazed blue finish, but the real advantage (besides a perfectly roasted bird) is the amazingly easy clean up when the dish is done. No more meticulously cleaning wire racks! We season and herb the cavity and skin, truss them, place the bird on the "vertical spit", as Chef Paula Worlfert called it, and roast for the recommended time. Whether we're doing a Tuscan fowl or a Chinese-inspired bird, this is the only roaster we'll use. Oh, yeah, and these are very inexpensive. A great investment for a home kitchen of a small restaurant.


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Pros: Perfect bird every time - instant clean up - really attractive pottery
Cons: Ceramicware - its breakable, but it's not easy
Chef Paula Wolfert turned me on to this product, and I've re-ordered several times, not because I've ever broken one (I haven't), but I've wanted to increase the number I have on hand.  

These are also awesome gifts to fellow cooks.

Since I wrote the description for this product, I have learned that the Lowerys are no longer producing the volume they once did (each roaster is a labor of love), which makes me want to stock up on a few more. This is the least expensive, most practical, efficient and attractive poultry roaster I've yet encountered.  And to serve our Glazed Cornish Hens on the roaster is always an 'oo-ah!' moment.  Taste triumphs here - budget, palate & eye.  Cannot go wrong with this product. 


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