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Pros: Professional cooking gear
Cons: High price
My first (uncoated) one was bought shortly before I changed to cooking on induction, so I still have the experience of trying them on conventional electric cooking. What a revelation!

These 7-ply pans don't have a bottom plate but the whole pan is made of one sheet of 7-ply material. This means that the entire pan heats up evenly, up to the walls of the pans. This means also that these pans are quite heavy and have a strong solid appearance.

When using these pans, it is recommended to heat the pans first on high fire and to reduce the fire with at least 25% before adding your meat or whatever. This is so true, even more on induction and certainly when using the non-stick ones. So, I heat the pan first with oil or butter, just under the maximum heat position. Within a minute or so, the pan will have reached high heat and you have to go to lower power. You really need to stick around before the grease starts to burn!

Incredible how fast and nice and evenly your meat will sear. There is certainly a learning period when starting to cook with these pans.

The only negative thing I could ever mention, is the very high price of these pans. Even here in Belgium, we pay an average of 150 € per pan. On the other hand, once you use this top-quality professional equipment, you might probably want more, there's simply nothing like it. A lot of professional kitchens in Europe work with Demeyere 7-ply pans.

You will certainly appreciate the "silvinox" coating that prevents the pans from food to stick at high heat and will allow you to clean the pans easily.

And of course, there's the non-stick ones, also in 7-ply material but coated with a non-stick "healthy" Thermolon layer.

The shop owner explicitly asked to not use pure olive oil in the coated pans, but to mix it always with other oil or a little butter. Seems pure olive oil may cause stains! I do as I'm told, especially when reminding the high price of these pans. And, handling them with care might be a good idea too, after all the guarantee period on the non-stick versions is limited to 5 years.

I had to have at least one of these pans and look what I ended up with...

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No that I know, Rick. I'm pretty sure that Demeyere would never give a lifetime guarantee on the non-clad ones or even a 5 year guarantee on the non-stick ones if that problem could occur. Those pans are also surprisingly heavy compared to one layer products equipped with a heavy bottom plate. It always surprises me how they mange to fabricate such a dead flat bottom, knowing that the whole construction is probably made of the same sandwiched material. I wonder how they do that?
However, you never ever put any pan on extreme heat without adding anything in it! Even cast-iron can break doing that! No doubt these pans will also be damaged if not taken care not to overheat them empty.

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