Deiss Julienne Peeler & Slicer ★ Ultra Sharp Zucchini Noodles Maker ★ Premium Stainless Steel Shredd

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  • Deiss Julienne & Vegetable Peeler - an indispensable tool for any kitchen. Stop wasting your time with knives and enjoy cooking!Are food processors are too big and heavy for you to operate? Are you tired of using different tools for different food-prep tasks? The Deiss Dual Vegetable Peeler is the perfect alternative for the preparation of high-quality meals. Why go to a restaurant, when you can have one right at home? You can peel, slice, and even julienne vegetables with this multi-functional tool. The metal loops on the sides of the peeler simplify the removal of potato "eyes" and professionally garnish your dishes. Vegetarian dishes and fresh salads have never been so simple and quick to prepare!Deiss Dual Vegetable Peeler is compact, too. Just store it with your spoons and forks. It also has a bottom ring, so you can hang it a wall or rack. The tool needs no special care - just put it in the dishwasher. Compared to peelers with smooth metal handles, its non-slip rubber handle and convenient grip protects your hand as you wash or peel and lessens the time required to slice fruit or julienne vegetables.Make Restaurant-Style Dishes with the Deiss Professional Julienne PeelerRazor-sharp, crafted of high-quality stainless-steel, its durable blades slice, peel, and julienne any type of veggies in less than a minute. Whether it's a parsnip or batata - no problem. The Deiss Vegetable Peeler's dual-action function allows you to peel or slice any vegetable, faster than ever!It's time for cooking fun! Click "Add to cart" today to start your own "taste revolution" in the kitchen!
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    Deiss Kitchenware
    Deiss Kitchenware
    Deiss Kitchenware
    Deiss Kitchenware
    Deiss Julienne Peeler & Slicer ★ Ultra Sharp Zucchini Noodles Maker ★ Premium Stainless Steel Shredder, Cutter, Slicer & Peeler - All in One Professional Garnishing Tool ★ Peels Apple, Potato, Carrot, Orange, Radish & Other Veggies with Ease ★ Chef-inspired Vegetable Slicer & Peeler with Non-slip Handle for a Safe and Comfortable Grip ★ Easily Cuts Neat Slices and Makes Long Thin Noodles
    The Deiss™ Dual Vegetable Peeler is the only tool you need to quickly peel, julienne and slice vegetables, make professional garnishes and prepare vegetarian noodles. It's a kitchen dream!
    The Deiss™ Dual Vegetable Peeler's rubber handle provides a firm, safe grip. The tool fits comfortably in your hand, making it much easier to clean vegetables and improve your culinary skills.
    The julienne peeler has sharp steel blades suitable for cutting vegetables of different shapes. The blades cut neat, uniform pieces. Use the julienne peeler to create delicious, healthy and great-looking dishes from carrot, parsnip, sweet potato, cucumber, orange, radish, squash, apple, citrus fruit, cheese ... you name it! Ever tried zucchini noodles? Now you can! That's not all. The vegetable noodle maker allows you to make spaghetti from your favorite vegetables and fruits!
    Deiss™ Dual Vegetable Peeler's dual-action motion function lets you slice and peel twice as fast and have more time to enjoy your delicious meals!
    The Deiss™ Dual Vegetable Peeler has a built-in garnishing feature that allows you to decorate any dish in a unique way. Surprise everybody with your restaurant-like garnishing skills!
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    6.9 inches
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    8.9 inches
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    0.19 pounds
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    0.8 inches
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    1.1 inches
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    7.3 inches
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    0.25 pounds
    Package Width:
    3.9 inches
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