De Buyer 10.2 inch Mineral Saute pan

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De Buyer
  • A carbon steel saute pan.

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  1. phatch
    "Great carbon steel pan"
    Cooking Evenness:
    Ease of Cleaning:
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    Jul 10, 2012
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    Pros - inexpensive, cooks well, heats evenly
    Cons - reactive surface
    Tuesday Morning had some of these pans in stock at a good price so I picked one up. It's my first carbon steel pan.

    I think this is a phase out of old packaging and size as the package didn't include induction compatibility even though it is. Newer packaging does list induction compatibility. And they seem to have moved to a smaller version at 9.5 inches rather than 10.2 which this one is.

    I cleaned it, oiled it and put it on the burner to season. It took to seasoning readily and has proven quite low stick while giving good sear and fond. Released eggs in an omelet form pretty well. I want to develop more patina before I try scrambled eggs in it.

    Great buy if you can find one at a Tuesday Morning near you.


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  1. nicko
    I added that image. Swapped it out for what I believe is the correct one.
  2. phatch
    Note this is not a grill pan as shown in the picture. Don't know where that came from.