Culinary Cultures of Europe: Identity, Diversity and Dialogue

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  • There is nothing trivial about food: the study of culinary culture and its history provides an insight into broad social, political and economic changes in society. The present collection of essays reflects many of the important transitions through which 40 European countries have passed, and in this sense, it is a history book. It is also a colourful celebration of an enormously rich part of our cultural heritage. The tastes and smells of a country¹s traditional table are a meaningful route to an important part of its collective memory, accessible to everyone. Food is also one of the simplest and most direct ways to promote multicultural understanding. This book offers an excellent insight into the meaning of food culture and will be of interest to anyone who wishes to explore the diversity of our European cultural heritage. Contents Preface Introduction - Food: identity and diversity by Fabio Parasecoli Country essays-- Armenia: Insights into traditional food culture by Svetlana Haik Poghosyan Austria: Contemporary art and the essence of eating by Rainer Metzger Azerbaijan: A cuisine in harmony by Tahir I. Amiraslanov Belgium: Endives, Brussels sprouts and other innovations by Marc Jacobs and Jean Fraikin Bosnia and Herzegovina: The mouth is small but it can swallow a mountain by Nenad Tanovi´c Bulgaria: Golden fruits from the orchards by Rayna Gavrilova Croatia: From myth to authenticity by Veljko Barbieri Cyprus: Culinary traditions throughout the year by Savvas Sakkadas Denmark: Nation-building and cuisine by Else-Marie Boyhus Estonia: Pleasures of the palate by Maire Suitsu Finland : Continuity and change by Johanna Mäkelä France: French gastronomy, French gastronomies by Jean-Pierre Poulain Georgia: Foodways in rapid transition by Mary Ellen Chatwin and Zaal Kikodze Germany: Sauerkraut, beer and so much more by Gunther Hirschfelder and Gesa U. Schönberger Greece: A well-tempered culinary experience by Eleonora Skouteri-Didaskalou and Evie Voutsina Hungary: The komatál: symbol of friendship and affection by Zsuzsanna Tátrai Iceland: The creative fight for survival by Örn D. Jónsson Ireland: Simplicity and integration, continuity and change by Regina Sexton Italy : Food in Italian cinema by Viviana Lapertosa Latvia: Old customs and contemporary habits by Ieva Pi-gozne-Brinkmane Lithuania: Rituals and feasts by Birute. Imbrasiene. Luxembourg: A gastronomic expedition by Georges Hausemer Malta: Continuity in change by Kenneth Gambin Moldova : Ritual breads through the seasons by Varvara Buzila? and Teodorina Bâzgu Monaco: A rich culinary heritage by Françoise Gamerdinger and René Novella Netherlands: Twenty-two minutes at the table by Bert Natter Norway: Between innovation and tradition by Henry Notaker Poland: Cuisine, culture and variety on the Wisla river by Kazimierz Krzysztofek Portugal : A dialogue of cultures by Ana Pessoa e Costa Romania: Discoveries and delights by the House of Guides and Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs Russian Federation: Rediscovering classics, enjoying diversity by Alexandra Grigorieva Serbia and Montenegro: A culinary quilt by Vesna Bizi´c-Omc?ikus Slovak Republic: The character of Slovak cuisine by Rastislava Stolic?ná Slovenia: The festive table by Janez Bogataj Spain: Agape and conviviality at the table by Diego Valverde Villena Sweden: From crispbread to ciabatta by Richard Tellström “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”: A new regime of nutrition by Dusan Matic Turkey: The tastes of a splendid herita
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    Council of Europe Publication
    Culinary Cultures of Europe: Identity, Diversity and Dialogue
    Darra Goldstein; Kathrin Merkle


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