Culinary arts management at Alpine Cooking School

Alpine Center
  • Culinary arts management at Alpine Cooking School, is a unique and innovative higher education programme designed for future leaders in the culinary arts profession. It is a careful balance of the management and 'hands-on' skills required in this challenging field. Culinary arts management will give students a range of managerial skills to run their own business and also a high level of practical skills to allow the restaurateur or chef to provide a unique culinary experience to their customers.The two industry placements of 20 weeks each in the first two years of study are designed to give students first hand experience and, at the same time, give them the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Throughout the three years of the programme, students are taught how to be creative and innovative whilst working in teams.The first two years of study which focus on food preparation skills with a perspective on dietary issues and international cuisine, menu planning and costing, food science, nutrition and hygiene, accounting, human resource management and small and medium enterprises management and leads to the award of the Swiss Diploma in Culinary Arts. The third year of study includes more managerial modules.


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