Columbus Culinary Institute

Bradford Schools
  • Technique. Ingredients. Passion. It’s The Way We Cook.And it’s the way you’ll cook as a culinary arts student at the Columbus Culinary Institute. As a culinary arts student, you’ll have 3 hours a day of hands-on kitchen instruction from our chef instructors. Most days, you will be challenged to prepare a serving to be tasted and critiqued by an instructor, your fellow students, and even yourself. We don’t do anything half-way, and neither will you.Columbus Culinary offers an 18-month associate degree and a 12-month diploma option. Our culinary students graduate from both programs with an employer-ready package of cooking and business skills. What you will learn:Master culinary foundational skills, like proper knife techniques and proper seasoningGain a broad knowledge base of both classical and contemporary cooking methods and techniquesUnderstand the business side of the culinary industry, including menu development, cost control, and professionalismDevelop teamwork and leadership skills through class buffets, served to other studentsExpress your culinary creativity through artful plating of your mealsFinish the associate degree program with an 8-week externship, designed to put your new skills to the test and help you make valuable industry contacts


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