Codream® Micro Perforated Stainless Steel Colander 5 Quart with Handles

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Pros: Sturdy, stainless, holes all along the side
Disclaimer: I got one of these Codream colanders for free to review, but my opinions good bad or ugly are always my own.  It's available on Amazon for $15.99 at the time of review

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A colander is a colander right?  Not really; I'm replacing a dirty old plastic colander and this is a million times better.  I use colanders for two things in my kitchen

1) pasta

2) rinsing vegetables (I wash them in a big mixing bowl)

In both cases, I dump a lot of water through this thing at once.  A pot full of boiling water is bad for plastic.  Good thing this one is stainless steel.  The other problem with my old colander is it had big holes at the bottom, but few holes on the side.  If it didn't drain fast enough, water would pool or splash up the sides.  This one drains fast fast fast.  As fast as you can pour water through, it will handle it. If water comes up the sides, it will still drain out.  The holes are uniform all around.

I'll say that a cursory look at pictures made me think it was a mesh strainer.  Not the case.  It is stamped and perforated stainless steel.  There's a solid steel ring around the top and a cone on the bottom.  It wouldn't be easy to dent and can probably handle a fair bit of weight. 

I have this one weird pet peeve. When I rinse bean sprouts, if the holes are bigger like on my old colander, some of them poke out.  It happens less on this colander since it has smaller holes but more of them.  I am glad to be rid of that minor annoyance!
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