Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner

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Chocolate and candy making today is undergoing a renaissance in public awareness and status. This comprehensive book combines artisan confectionery techniques with accessible explanations of the theory and science as well as formulas for use in production. Fundamental information for the confectioner includes ingredient function and use, chocolate processing, and artisan production techniques. The book contains 140 formulas and variations for beautiful confections, including dairy-based centers, crystalline and noncrystalline sugar confectionery, jellies, and nut center and aerated confections.


The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
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Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner
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Before reading this review, please understand that if you love chocolate, science, beauty and truth, you need this book in your culinary library as reference or simply as inspiration.  This is no fluff piece this is the Diamond Standard, bringing together technical tomes and coffee table-book beauty.

I am bringing this book into my classroom for the section on chocolate work. Although we are a small community college and can spend minimal time working with chocolates and confections, Chef Greweling's "Chocolates and Confections" will be a learning tool to be referenced well into the professional career of any pastry chef. My hopes are that the more serious students will either add this book to their reference library now or aspire to owning it when they get their first paycheck.

Best-selling novelist Umberto Eco, who wrote the novel "The Name of the Rose", is said to possess a grand library which is an exercise in reactions. So vast in its contents it evokes one to either  wonder  how many of the thousands of books he has read, or be reassured that this library is the greatest of tools filled with books meant for research and reference weather read or unread.  In that regard, Chocolates and Confections is a book for the research library in your own home, kitchen, classroom or coffee table,  and belongs in the vast research library that you call your own---although I don't know if it would fit into Eco's library or not, let's see what the subject of his next novel is.In the realm of chocolate and confection books Greweling's "Chocolates & Confections" bridges the gap between technical chocolate explanation and more casual chocolate candy making books with detailed explanations of each aspect of chocolate in a style and language understandable by the inquisitive novice and professional alike. 
Peter P. Greweling, CMB has been teaching confections at CIA and I have heard only the most wonderful complements on his teaching style, knowledge and professional demeanor from both former students and colleagues alike. It becomes clear such high praise is warranted  and  shines through in the pages of his book, with his  thoughtful presentation of ideas, detailed explanations, and care in writing technique.
Step by step, he takes  you through  the scientific reasoning behind the most beautiful confections: from  marshmallow to toffee, pralines to perfection in tempering technique, fat or crystallization,unfolding the essence of procedure from top to bottom.

Those who know just a thing or two about chocolates and confections may not be prepared for the contents of this book. Even with a good supply of the latest books from the best sellers list, the novice will be both blown away and inspired with the technical merit of Chocolates & Confections. The professional will be enlightened by the chemistry and explanation of the intricacies and mysteries of chocolate and sugar confection. This is not a history of chocolate, but a compendium of 140 formulas featuring full analysis and explanation of each pitfall and how to correct disasters (when applicable).

Chef Greweling has written many of the formulas in a manner that puts the novice at ease while adding the degree of technical difficulty and immaculate explanation worthy of textbook level with the beauty of a photo journal.

This is an artisan style book for the serious chocophile.


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