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China Tea Market Overview 2009-2010_The Guidance For Selling Tea In China

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  • Brief Introduction This report presents a full view of China’s tea market, provides analysis and suggestions on how to entering this fast growing market in China. The report includes analysis on market shares, competition, key players, market segmentation, import & export changes, sales channel, buyer’s behavior, entry barriers, industrial environment and policy trends; introduces the procedure for exporting products to China, Chinese inspection & standards system, a list of major importers & agencies, annual trade fairs in China; provides full forecast to 2010 and key statistical data. What will you get from this report? To understand current and future development condition of the tea market in China; To find the characteristics of the consumer and their preference; To understand the market competitive situation; To catch the entry opportunities from the multiple aspects of tea market; To know the market size and entry barriers; To obtain objective and reasonable advice to help you make marketing strategy. For convenience of readers, we use a form of illustration plus text analysis and presentation to visually present with a snapshot of the Chinese market conditions as well as guidance for entry. Based on the selection of abundant detailed and reliable information and materials, the report presents an overview of the tea market with in-depth strategic and quantitative analysis on the feasibilities of entry into the Chinese market in terms of the industrial environments, market size, consumption demand, product and technical standards as well as the supervision requirements, the marketing channels, competitive conditions, and the marketing prospects… Scope of this report Market analysis: product definition, industrial environment, market scale, running status, consumptive characters and consumption trend; Foreign structure: import /export situation in recent 5 years, import /export amount, origins, destination, trade mode; Market entry analysis: market competitive status, major player, sales channel, tax burden, import flow, inspection procedure, related inspection basis and indicators, related standard, related supervision institute; Necessary resource for foreign companies in China: related industrial association, importer’s list, and related exhibition. Why we write this report? China’s economy has achieved a stable development in the recent years, even under the global economy depressed. At present, China has already become one of the potential consumption markets for the tea manufacturer. However, foreign enterprises often find it is difficult to formulate their entry strategy in Chinese tea markets based on their past experiences in the face of special local market environment. In addition, Chinese government has been consciously guiding the transformation of China from the “world production center” into a combination of “production center” and “demand center”. Thus, to learn about the actual local market environment in China, has become a compulsory course for enterprises to exploit the tea market in China.
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    China Tea Market Overview 2009-2010_The Guidance For Selling Tea In China
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