China Frozen Food Industry Report 2008

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  • Glutinous rice ball, dumplings and rice dumpling are the main frozen foods in China. Temperature control is the essential condition during the frozen foods’ processing, storage and transport, furthermore, in the terminal sales stage also needs to have the appropriate temperature-controlled facilities to support. The main market of Chinese frozen food is retail and business markets, currently 90 per cent of China's frozen food consumptions through the retail market; the business market needs to be developed further. Historically, The revenue growth rate of frozen food industry is over 20%; but, in terms of the global economy recession which has also affected the Chinese frozen food industry, therefore the growth rate of China’s frozen food industry of 2008 is expected will be lower than 20%. But in the long term, the potential capacity of market of frozen food in China is still greater and will have more potential for growth in future. Frozen food industry in developed countries has been rapid development. Currently the per capita average consumption of frozen foods in U.S is 60kg, in Germany is 40kg and in Japan is 20kg, whereas, in China is only 9kg, which equals to the initial stage of developed countries. But, in the wake of the future economic development in China, the demands of leisure time will increase; thus the frozen foods will be able to have a rapid development in future. China's frozen food industry has been expanded greatly, the number of over scales enterprises have been growing gradually, the total number is 226 by May 2008, but compared with Japan's 746 (2007 Data), there is still a big gap. But, in terms of the rapid development and the relatively high profit, which will attract more companies enter this industry. On the one hand, it would intensify competition; on the other hand, it would support industrial expansion. The current leading companies such as Sanquan food and Synear food, which occupy larger market share and have great advantages. By May 2008, the total assets of China’s over scales frozen food enterprises reached 16 billion yuan and the average assets of each enterprise also increased at the same pace. In 2006, the frozen industry had experienced rapid expansion and the asset growth rate was 54%, but the growth in 2007 dropped to 15%. But because of Sanquan food’s new projects put on streams in 2008, therefore, the assets growth rate is expected to rebound in 2008 and 2009.
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    China Frozen Food Industry Report 2008
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