Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 7-1/2-Inch Chef's Knife

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Chicago Cutlery
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Pros: Nice balance, holds an edge quite well, good quality high carbon steel.
Cons: I can't think of a single one, perhaps the balance if I got really persnickety.
I received an 8" Chicago Cutlery chef's knife as a gift over twenty years ago. I have since amassed a considerable collection of cutlery...including models by Dexter-Russel, Wusthoff, Henkles and Shun. I love all my knives, but my good old Chicago Cutlery chef's is my go-to knife for anything. It is very versatile, holds an edge quite well...(I tune it up about once a month) and is tough enough to do the things we all do to our knives. Admit it...if you're dicing something and have a roast ready to carve, you're not going to switch knives...I know I don't (usually) and that is probably the one thing I love about my Chicago is so versatile. The construction is the next best thing...did I mention this knife is used multiple times daily and is well over twenty years old? What else can I say? Pay no attention to the price quoted..I honestly don't know, but they would not allow me to post the review without a price. Dumb!

I adore my Shun offset serrated knife, and my Wustoff Santoku, but I always go back to good old Mr. Relaiable.
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