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Chef Academy is the best place where you can attend Professional Culinary Courses in Italy. Located in Terni, Umbria region, the green heart of Italy, since 2011.The purpose of the Academy is training young students in the Food and Beverage and Hospitality sector, to create for them new job opportunities and help them developing their own careers, all over the world.Chef Academy is the best institute to give professional training in the field of Cookery and Pastry in our Country, acknowledged by the Italian Government, issuing legally recognized Vocational Training Certificates of Chef, Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Pizza Chef, Maitre.With 4 full equipped laboratories (for Kitchen, Pastry and Pizza), a restaurant hall for 50 guests, 3 computer labs, Chef Academy trains around 400 students every year.Training Offer includes also short term courses in English for groups of students coming from all over the world and Internships for professionals in the field of Food and Beverage in 2 Michelin Star Restaurant.The area surrounding Terni is rich in woods and mountains, hills and olive groves, nature reserves charming castles, guard towers and ancient villages. You can see wide areas of flat valleys and high woody mountains and the wonderfull Marmore’s Falls.Umbria region is on the top of Culinary and Winery areas in Italy. In Umbria you can see the oldest traditional oil presses in Italy, or the ancient winery producing the famous Sangrantino di Montefalco DOCG wine. Chianti area and Tuscany is 1 hour and half far from Chef Academy.The courses take place in the historical center of TERNI. It is less than 10 minutes walk from the main railway station. Terni is only 50 minutes from Rome by train and 45 minutes from Perugia “S. Egidio” Airport.At the end of the courses it is possible to start a professional internship, anywhere in Italy and abroad. For more information on our cooking courses email us: [email protected] Academy Via San Vincenzo - Piazza Clai,19 Via dei Chiodaioli,16 05100 TerniTel. 0744. 423118

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Pros: Small Classes so chefs were able to answer your questions!!
Cons: Accelerated courses, so spending time on your main focus was hard.
The Chefs at The Chef's Academy in Indianapolis, In. Were amazing and knowledgeable.  They showed interest with your creativity and looked forward to beating you with their hats when you did some strange or odd.  ^_^  Chef Tony Hanslit was and is great to work with!  The over all classes were small so the Chef's were able to address each student in kind. 
Pros: Professional and supportive teachers, good location and labs, affordable prices
Cons: It was so good to me that I can't really find a negative aspect, sorry!
As I attended the cooking course I used to work in a small restaurant as sous chef.
Even if I loved cooking and I used to do it every day for many persons, I couldn't do it as a job without proper training..
So I looked for some course near my place and I found it at Chef Academy!
I found teachers very professional, cooking labs are very well equipped and everyone is ready to help.

I received uniform (with my name on it!), apron, hat, my personal set of knives and of course all the books to study!

The teachers were very helpful with every student ( I remember I started the course as it was already begun, and they used to be very supportive with me) and also the staff of the school was very kind and professional.

A very positive impression, this is what this experience has left to me.

I hope it will be useful for someone!



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