Calphalon Katana Stainless-Steel 5-1/2-Inch Honesuki Knife

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Pros: thin. light, agile, very sharp
Cons: handle may need getting used to
 i have a feeling i got this knife for a song.  found it on ebay and made this single bid and won it.  the knife is a very sharp very handy knife for small jobs, certainly better for a lot of jobs than a paring knife.  a honesuki is traditionally a small boning knife, and this knife really knows its way around a chicken, as well as deboning a pork shoulder roast.  it also excels at prepping veggies and mincing garlic.  the blade seems to be very similar to the shun classic knives, so i can assume it is a fancy stamped knife with a handle that has been welded on.  the only con i can think of is that the handle, while looking very modern and hip,
feels small, and should be better at fitting smaller hands.
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